How many calories in an orange? How many grams is 1 medium orange? Does eating oranges make you gain weight?

Orange is one of the most loved fruits of the winter season and has a source of vitamin C. Supporting the immune system, orange protects us from diseases. Dietitians wonder how many calories are in the orange that they include in their nutrition program. So how many calories in an orange? Does eating oranges make you gain weight? The answers to your questions about orange are at

Orange is among the fruits that come from the Citrus family and have many health benefits. Orange, which contains high levels of vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and citrate, is perfect for preventing cell damage, fighting cancer-causing free radicals, and supporting the immune system. Thanks to the fiber contained in the orange, which acts as a protective shield against many diseases, it positively affects the digestive system and keeps it full for a long time. In addition to the consumption of orange as a fresh fruit; It is one of the fruits that have a great place in daily nutrition in its freshly squeezed juice and dried form. So how many calories in an orange? Here are the answers…


  • 1 slice of orange 14 calories
  • Small orange 47 calories
  • A medium orange contains 103 calories and 3.1 g of fiber.
  • A large orange contains 141 calories.

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how many calories in orange


Many people wonder whether an orange makes you gain weight. Recommended by dieticians as a snack, orange prevents you from getting sick while dieting thanks to its low calories and high vitamin C content. In addition, since it is a fibrous fruit, it facilitates digestion. Since it has a high vitamin C ratio, it facilitates fat burning. But as it is known, as every fruit is high in sugar, it should not be consumed too much. In general, 1 portion of fruit is given as the right in diet lists.

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Since we are inactive especially in winter, we pay more attention to our nutrition and reduce the portions. It is very important how many oranges you make of the orange juice that we use instead of tea at breakfast. When you prepare orange juice, its calories should not exceed 100-150 calories. Orange juice, which is also known as a source of both vitamin C and vitamins B and E, contains more fiber than oranges. That’s why dietitians say that it would be better to consume oranges directly.

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how many calories in orange juice

  • A glass of orange juice in 200 ml measure is 120 calories.
  • A medium glass is 90 calories.
  • Half a glass is 60 calories.
  • A quarter cup contains 30 calories.

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