How many calories in peas with olive oil? Does eating peas make you gain weight? Pea dish recipe on diet

The delicious pea dish, which we consume as a side dish or on rice by decorating our meals with its grainy appearance, whets our appetite. Can we consume this flavor, which is very difficult to resist, in diet? Pea meal consumption in diet…

When it comes to diet, foods that are low in calories and have a long time to keep full are preferred in the nutrition program. Although many of us love to eat as a side dish or a main dish, peas do not have a very high calorie, but they take their place in the kitchens mostly due to the benefits of greenery. When it comes to the calorie count of peas, we need to look at the way it is cooked so that we can say exactly how much it is. For example, a meal of peas cooked with chicken and ground beef may differ from a meal that is consumed with meat or plain. In particular, the amount of 1 cup of peas, which has digestive and excretory benefits, will be 150 grams. Since 150 grams of peas is equivalent to 125 kcal, it can be seen that its calorie is not much.

  • Rich in protein content, peas support metabolism.
  • Peas, which have high fiber value, help balance blood sugar if cooked correctly.
  • It can be consumed with ground beef to increase the amount of protein in peas.
  • It is one of the ideal green foods that can be preferred in the diet.
  • The kcal value of the pea meal with olive oil is so low that it can be burned by walking. Even if you walk for 30 minutes, you can easily go. There are 99 kcal in 180 grams of olive oil peas.


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Peas, which do not have a high calorie value, can be easily consumed in the diet due to their low fat content. There are 4.5 grams of fiber and 18 grams of protein in 100 grams of peas, which can be preferred by women who want to lose their excess weight in their diets. If you want to increase the protein in peas with high protein value, you can use ground beef.

For a hearty and delicious menu, you can consume whole wheat pasta with it. You can take advantage of the nutritional benefits by adding fresh mint and boiled peas to yogurt in your snack.



1 kg of fresh peas
2 medium carrots
1 large potato
1 medium onion
300 grams of ground beef
3 tablespoons of olive oil
1 teaspoon tomato paste
1.5 cups of hot water
1 teaspoon of salt


First of all, chop the onions for food and fry them in olive oil. Chop the potatoes a little coarsely and the carrots like wheels. After the onions are finished roasting, add the minced meat and mix it with tomato paste until it is well fried and fragrant. Add the potatoes, peas and carrots.

Add salt and pepper, add enough water to cover and cook for 40 minutes. Enjoy your meal…

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