How many calories in sourdough bread? Can sourdough bread be eaten on a diet? Benefits of sourdough bread

Bread, which is one of the most popular foods, is one of the foods whose consumption has increased recently. Many people who are overweight are investigating whether sourdough bread helps them gain weight. So, does sourdough bread, which is very popular with its different taste, make you gain weight, how many calories are sourdough bread? We have listed the calories and nutritional values ​​of sourdough bread for you…

Warm breads, indispensable for the winter season, find their place on the tables with their fragrant scent. Sourdough bread, which is among the breads that are among the most basic needs of our body, has survived until today as it was prepared by our mothers with their own means in the past. Sourdough breads, which we include in addition to world cuisine or our local flavors, cause concerns when consumed due to their calories. Recently, many people wonder how many calories are in sourdough bread and whether it makes you gain weight or not. So how many calories in sourdough bread? Here are the answers…


  • Sourdough, which requires special attention, patience and effort, has managed to survive as one of the most delicious miracles of nature. You can use sourdough, which you can make using only flour and water, in your breads.
  • But if you want a very tasty and high quality sourdough, you must add chickpeas or grapes while preparing it.
  • Add the grapes or chickpeas you will put in a jar by chopping them into small pieces. Then add 1 glass of flour and 1 glass of water into the jar.
  • Close the jar and wrap it in a clean cloth and leave it in a warm place for at least 1 day. If the environment is not hot, this may take up to 4 days.
  • If there are mini bubbles in the dough after 4 days, it means it is dough.

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  • The production of sourdough bread, which requires special attention, patience and effort, is one of the most delicious miracles of nature. There are 226 calories in 100 grams of sourdough bread.
  • There are 1017 calories in 1 piece, 450 grams of Uno Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread.

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How many calories in 1 slice of sourdough village bread?

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How many calories in 1 slice of sourdough village bread


Sourdough bread, which is frequently included in nutrition programs by expert dietitians, does not cause weight gain. It is also known to help with weight loss because it works the intestines. If you consume sourdough bread in moderation, which accelerates metabolism, you can quickly lose weight and have a healthy body.

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can sourdough bread be eaten in diet

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