How to do warm-up exercises at home? The most effective warm-up exercises before sports

In order not to have an unfortunate accident while doing sports and to get an effective result from sports, it is essential to perform the right warm-up actions. Movement suggestions that you can warm up before sports at home…

Having a slim and fit body is one of the most important factors underlying a healthy and peaceful life standard. It is very important to do it correctly in order to get efficient results from the exercises that we need to continue regularly in order for the organs in our body to perform their duties properly and to be protected from diseases. When you take time to do sports, you should not make the mistake of passing the warm-up phase and starting sports directly. If you warm up, you will increase your body’s general temperature and mobility. In addition, the flexibility you will gain in the sports you will perform by warming up; It helps the body to perform exercise movements better and to protect it from injuries.


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Applying warm-up exercises before starting sports is a very important issue to prevent injuries. So how do experts argue that warming up should be carried out? Here are the warm-up tactics from the experts…

Warming up with the right methods is the repetition of the movements to be applied little by little. For example, if you are going to run, you should warm up the muscles with a light pace.

-Contrary to what is known, the pulling movements that most of us do to avoid injury are not warming up but cooling down. Cooling physically transmits through nerves that the contraction process should end.

– If you want to perform a healthy workout, you should do both warm-up and cool-down exercises, but not at the same time.


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LIGHT WALKING: Pull the right leg up to the abdomen and lower it. Then do the same movement on the left leg. Thus, all muscles work in an active state. (Move time: 3 min)

KNEE LIFT: Try to touch your right knee with your left hand in the knee raise exercise, which is very similar to the first exercise. Then, while lifting the left, touch your left knee with your right hand. At this time, the leg, abdominal and hip muscles will be ready for sports. (Move time: 3 min)

Squatting : While the arms are in the position to stay parallel to the ground, the knees are slightly bent and the squat is done. It should be applied slowly without crouching completely. With this squat-like exercise, you can train your hip, leg and abdominal muscles. (Move time: 3 min)

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