How to eat fried eggs while dieting? How many calories in scrambled eggs? scrambled eggs recipe

We have compiled for you according to Refika’s kitchen recipe, how you can cook eggs, which are indispensable for healthy nutrition and diet, in a pan while on a diet. How many calories in scrambled eggs, how to make scrambled eggs?

The correct consumption of eggs, which must be included in the diet in terms of its satiating feature, is a very important issue. Although the most healthy cooking method of egg consumption in the diet is the boiled technique, it is necessary to be open to different recipes as it can be boring to eat boiled eggs every day. The most important trick of the boiled egg, which is useful because it does not directly digest with any additives, is not to cook it too much. The nutritional value of the dead egg will not have much effect in terms of health.


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If you are going to eat the egg in the pan, you can continue to maintain your diet with two different recipes. It is the recipe left in the pan and cooked with butter. It is less suitable for consumption in the diet than the first option. It may be a little difficult to lose weight as there will be extra fat intake. Another recipe made as fried eggs is made with additives such as sausage and pastrami.


Take the eggs out 1 hour beforehand so that the eggs come to room temperature. For a delicious scrambled egg, it is important that the pan is enameled or copper in order to conduct heat well. Spread the butter on the pan and break the eggs without waiting for them to turn brown. If the whites are crispy yellow, they should be runny. Let it cook gently for 4-5 minutes. When the eggs start to cook a little, sprinkle a little salt.

If salt is added to the yolk of the egg, its color will be distorted, so be careful to sprinkle it on the white. Sprinkle a little bit of black pepper.

NOTE: There is not even 1 teaspoon of butter in total. 1 fried egg is 138 calories.

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