How to enlarge small hips? Hip-enlarging food and effective exercise moves

Women who want to have a rock-hard and healthy-looking physique can afford to make some changes in their bodies. Among these changes, muscle building or weight loss can be achieved with healthy methods. So, how to enlarge the small buttocks? What are the ways to enlarge the buttocks? What are hip enlargement foods? Here are the hip enlargement techniques without gaining weight…

We have compiled some suggestions for you that we think will be useful for women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their body lines and want to make them more prominent. As in regional slimming, you can have the look you want with exercises aimed at working only certain parts of your body, not the entire body. Today, many women may want to apply diet cures or some exercises due to the fat in the belly area. Of course, there are exercises that will help you build your body, as well as for weight loss. One of these exercises is recommended for women who want to have a hip body. If you have a small hip, we have brought together tricks that make your hip look bigger and recipes to increase your hips naturally. Here are the hip enlargement methods…


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Lunge exercise, which works the muscles in the leg area and the lower hips, is done as follows:

– Put your feet Open up to shoulder width.
– Extend your hips back.
– Throw your right leg forward and bend it at the knee at a 90 degree right angle.
– Keep your left leg parallel to the ground.
– Then rewind and repeat this movement with the same leg.
– Do 3 times, then switch to the other leg.


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Hip formation, which is generally due to genetic predisposition, can change its size with weight gain due to environmental factors. Unhealthy weight, which is easily gained by the consumption of junk food in daily life, can cause an uncomfortable appearance. Exercises that activate the hip and hip area can be applied at least 4 or 5 days a week. For the growth of small hips, a healthy program should be adjusted and protein intake should be increased.

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1- KINAO: Quinoa, which will help you have big and wide hips, is a strong protein source. You can eat healthy with quino, which is easily digested and contains less calories.

2- EGG: Eggs, which are very easy to cook and a very strong protein source, are very effective in muscle building and repair.

3- FISH: Especially tuna and salmon are very rich in omega-3. Fish, which allows you to gain weight from the hips, is also extremely beneficial in terms of health.

Other foods that will help enlarge hips are as follows:

Kidney beans
Dry beans
Çökelek cheese
Chicken breast
Tuna fish
Protein powder

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