How to gain weight? Effective facial exercises and herbal solutions for weight gain

If you want to have full and healthy-looking cheeks, we have compiled natural formulas for you that you can apply at home. How to gain weight in the face area? What are the exercises that make you gain weight from the face? What are the exercises for a full face? How to have a fat cheek? Methods you can apply to make your cheeks look chubby…

When you look physically, you generally like your body lines, but if you want your face to stand out a little more when it comes to the face part, you can plump your sunken face while maintaining a fit appearance. Because your face is thin, you can gain weight only from the face area with some methods that you can apply if you want it to be fuller and more visible while it has a thin and long appearance. You can say goodbye to saggy skin and welcome to chubby cheeks with herbal methods that only reduce weight from the face area without the need for surgery! While aesthetic appearance is of great importance for you in your daily life, you may often need make-up to look beautiful. You can have a slightly wider face with methods that will change the stance of your makeup, so you can gain weight. We have researched for you the effective methods of losing weight to the face area or gaining weight only from the face. So, is there any movement to gain weight in the face area? Here are some tricks that will make it easier for you to have a fuller face…


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Having ideal body measurements in terms of health and diet is a very important issue. Since the body types of people with excess weight problems will change in a short time, it may cause some aesthetic deterioration. For this, while the necessary debilitating exercise movements are researched, it can be tried to maintain the form with healthy nutrition diets. However, sometimes, no matter what one does, no matter how much food one eats, one cannot reach the desired weight.

In others, the weight only shows up in certain areas. While some people can expand the hip area directly when they eat, what they eat goes directly to the belly. In such cases, the number of people who want the weight to go to the face is quite high. So what should be done to gain weight?


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The way to have fuller cheeks is provided by the cheek swelling movement. Since the cheek muscles and related muscles will develop in the cheek swelling movement, the desired fullness will be achieved to a large extent. One of the effective exercise movements to gain weight from the face is balloon inflation. Take a real balloon, blow it all the way to the end and inflate it nicely. Exhale and inflate the cheeks, imagining that there is a balloon, even if there is no balloon. This exercise that you will do 5-6 times a day will work for you.


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The fatty acids in it provide the skin to gain its elastic feature and provide the opportunity to have fuller cheeks. Take some shea butter in your hand and gently massage your face with circular movements for at least 10 minutes. Try it for 1 week, provided that you wash your face after 15 minutes.

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Honey, which is effective in repairing dry skin as well as a healthy skin appearance, makes the skin look fresh and young thanks to its high antioxidants. For this, mix a teaspoon of honey with grated papaya. After mixing, leave it on the cheek area for 10 or 15 minutes. Care in this way daily every morning after washing with warm water.

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You can have plump and soft cheeks with a milk massage that you will do on your cheeks for 10 minutes a day. After massaging with milk, wash with warm water and consume 1-2 glasses of milk a day.

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You can make it easier to gain weight by choosing foods with high calorie value such as rice, pasta and bread. However, do not miss the measure, otherwise you may become obese in the future.

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