How to lose weight by eating green beans

It is possible to lose weight easily with the indispensable taste of the kitchen, bean dish! Say goodbye to your weight already with the green bean diet that will help you lose weight in fast and healthy ways! What are the ways to lose weight fast and healthy? How to make green beans diet? How to lose weight with beans? Fat-burning bean soup recipe…

Green beans, which are also known as ‘Ayşe Kadın’ in society , are beneficial for health as well as losing weight. It also helps to give. Especially when green beans, which are good for cardiovascular health, are consumed during the day, they make it easier to burn fat by making you feel full for a long time. Green beans, which are one of the ideal diet-supporting meals that women who complain about their weight can choose as dinner, are very successful in losing weight. While the bean grains provide the opportunity to keep the stomach full, the shell facilitates fat burning. So how to eat green beans to lose weight? How to make green beans diet? What are the benefits of fast weight loss beans? Slimming method with green beans…


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Cooked at home at least twice a week during summer months Green beans are one of the vegetables that can be preferred in the diet due to their low calorie content. When we look at the benefits of green beans, we can clearly see that it cleans the vessels and helps bone development. Beans, which are rich in fiber values, prevent the problem of constipation by keeping the toxins in the intestines away from the body.

1 piece (13 g) green beans: 4 kcal
1 medium portion (150 g) green beans: 47 kcal
1 medium bowl (110 g) green beans : 34 kcal
1 kilo (1000 gr) green beans: 310 kcal

– It facilitates the digestion of foods that are difficult to digest.

– Helps maintain intestinal health.

– It is one of the food sources that helps the secretion of serotonin.

– It is one of the ideal vegetables to be consumed in the diet.


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After cleaning the ends of the green beans, keep them in warm and vinegar water for 20 minutes. Add a tablespoon of salt and mix. Take the beans and boil them until they are well-boiled and add enough water to pass 1 finger.

Add at least 3 cloves of garlic, one julienned onion, one chopped tomato, and salt and seasoning. Take it off the stove and let it rest. After preparing the beans, consume non-fat yogurt or a small bowl of salad with it.


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12 to 15 green beans
2 medium tomatoes
1 onion (980710) 1 potato
1 tea glass of fine bulgur
1 glass of lentils
1 tablespoon of olive oil
6 glasses of hot water
Salt and dried mint


When you peel and chop the onions, pour olive oil into the pan and fry them well. After roasting, you can add peeled tomatoes and add salt if desired. After dicing the potatoes, mix the onions and tomatoes with the beans. Add fine bulgur to the lentils that you will soak overnight.

After adding water, wait for the soup to boil well. After 20 minutes, when the vegetables are soft, take the pot from the stove and sprinkle it with dried mint and make it ready to serve.

Bon appetit…

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