How to lose weight by eating only yogurt all day? Here is the yogurt diet…

Yogurt, which is very strong in terms of calcium, vitamins B6 and B12, has many benefits in terms of health and is also very effective in losing weight. For example, did you know that it is possible to lose weight by eating only yogurt throughout the day? The answer is in the details. How to lose weight just by eating yogurt? Should yogurt be consumed alone to lose weight? Here is the healthy yogurt diet that makes you lose weight…

Yogurt, which is a very useful food source for health, also helps to lose weight by facilitating fat burning. Yogurt is one of the best choices for light snacks, especially since it gives relief in the scorching heat of summer months. Consumption of yogurt, which is one of the places that women complain about the most and want to melt, is one of the ideal foods to melt the belly in regional slimming. Yogurt, which offers positive effects on health thanks to the beneficial bacteria in it, can be consumed by people who are on a diet. You can get a fit look and have a healthier physique in a short time with yogurt, which has become an indispensable part of diet lists due to its ease of digestion and low calorie. Yogurt, which everyone can easily eat, will work even for those who do not like to diet. We have compiled an effective yogurt diet that you can lose weight with natural and healthy foods. Is it possible to lose weight by eating yogurt? How to consume yogurt to lose weight…

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Whether it’s for health or diet, it is one of the conditions that should be considered that first of all, it is fat-free and the water is not filtered. Beneficial bacteria, which are known to be very good for people with weak and weak immune systems, have the feature of being included in the foods we hear as ‘Probiotics’ . Yogurt, which allows us to stand up and act as a shield against diseases, fights against microbes. A glass of yogurt, which is rich in calcium, provides half of the daily calcium that needs to be met.

Thanks to the amino acids and calcium in yoghurt, which is effective in burning the excess fat accumulated in the body, it allows toxins to come out. Inconvenient bacteria that can cause this condition in people with intestinal problems are kept away from the body. The most ideal choice of yogurt for health and diet is homemade yogurt made naturally. As ready-made yogurts are pasteurized in factory production, they lose minerals and vitamins. Therefore, homemade yogurt will be the best choice.

You should not forget that you should consume 2-2.5 liters of water every day in daily fluid consumption, which is the first condition of a healthy life. If you consume seasonal fruits with cocktail and yogurt, the detox effect will increase. If you follow the yogurt diet program regularly and carefully, you can lose about 2-4 kilos in 5 days.


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Among today’s trend diet methods, the yogurt diet, which is most preferred for melting belly, comes from the finest tricks of healthy and natural weight loss. Yogurt, an indispensable taste of Turkish cuisine, is strong in terms of zinc, magnesium, calcium and riboflavin. Thanks to these substances, which serve to accelerate fat burning, your appetite will decrease and your digestion will become easier.

The healthiest one-week yogurt diet includes:

DAY 1: 5 baked potatoes and 6 glasses of plain yogurt

DAY 2: 120 grams of boiled chicken and 6 glasses of yogurt

DAY 3: 120 grams of beef and 6 glasses of yogurt

DAY 4: 150 grams of fish and yogurt

DAY 5: Fruits and vegetables (except bananas or grapes) and 6 glasses of yogurt

DAY 6: Yogurt

DAY 7: Mineral water and yogurt


Considering that nothing but yogurt is consumed during the day, if 200 grams of yogurt are eaten at each meal, this will return you 120 kcal. An average of 120.3=360 kcal is taken per day. Instead of losing weight in unhealthy ways by eating only yogurt, you should apply diet lists that you can consume with yogurt. Here is an example yogurt diet list:


Breakfast: 1 cup of unsweetened tea, 300 grams of fat-free yogurt
Lunch: 1 bowl of vegetable soup, 4 tablespoons of meat and vegetables, 300 grams of non-fat yogurt, 250 grams of watermelon
Snack : 300 grams of nonfat yogurt, 1 cup of unsweetened tea, 1 portion of fruit
Dinner: 1 bowl of vegetable soup, 60 grams of meat, 300 grams of fat-free yogurt
Before going to sleep: 1 glass of chamomile tea, 3 prunes.


INGREDIENTS: Lemon juice, paprika, yogurt

PREPARATION: Mix all the ingredients in a deep bowl. Consume it 3 hours before going back to sleep at night and consume 4-5 glasses of water in small sips until you go to bed.

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