How to lose weight easily during menopause? Menopause diet from Canan Karatay

We have compiled some tips for you to avoid gaining weight during the menopause period that every woman enters after a certain period. You can achieve weight control with the nutritional recommendations you can choose to not gain or lose weight during the menopause period. What are the easy weight loss methods during menopause? Menopause diet sample list from Canan Karatay…

A brand new process begins when the menstrual period per month of every woman reaching puberty ends after a certain period. The name of this process , which is generally seen in women between the ages of 45-50, is defined as the “menopause period” . A balanced and healthy diet of women is important in reducing problems such as night sweats, depression, sleep problems and hair loss, which are seen with the decrease of estrogen hormone. As the hormone levels decrease during menopause, which is a natural process of aging in women, the risk of some health problems increases. You can keep your weight in balance with a healthy diet program that contains less calories. You can both weaken and alleviate the symptoms associated with menopause by stepping into brand new beginnings with an example of a healthy diet arranged under the control of a doctor. So what should be done during menopause? What should be done to avoid weight gain during menopause? Healthy nutrition during menopause and menopause diet from Canan Karatay..


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Metabolism affected by changing hormone levels speed causes the body to spend less energy. Other than that, some drugs consumed can cause appetite by lowering the metabolic rate. In a study examining weight balance during menopause, an increase in the tendency to eat sweets was observed with a decrease in the sense of taste in women. The high amount of calories in empty sherbet or sugary desserts can cause weight gain and make a person feel fat.

In this sense, attention should be paid to eating frequently and less with a healthy and regular diet list. Consumption of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in pulp, should be increased, and wholemeal or rye bread should be consumed for breakfast instead of white bread.


In women whose symptoms gradually appear in the 7 years before menopause, estrogen hormone production There are changes seen with its deficiency. A healthy diet can be applied to alleviate some of the symptoms that will be experienced before entering the menopause period. Before the menopause, the metabolic rate slows down by an average of 5 percent each year.

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With the entry of menopause, the rate of slowdown increases further, leading to fat storage in the body. You can apply a menopause diet in response to the weight problem caused by the increase in fat.


Heart and Internal Diseases Prof. Canan Karatay recommends a daily walk or exercise for at least half an hour rather than a special diet that should be applied to women entering the menopause period. While he does not recommend calcium intake in his nutrition program, he emphasizes that plenty of vitamin D should be taken.


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Breakfast: 200 g low-fat cow’s milk + 35 1 gram crackers/crackers
Lunch: 120 gr sole fish + 80 gr green salad + half a tomato + 50 gr multigrain bread + 1 apple
Dinner: 100 gr feta cheese + 50 gr multigrain bread + 120 gr pineapple

25 g extra virgin olive oil during the day


Breakfast: 40 g fruit and oatmeal in 125 g yogurt
Lunch: 210 g fresh beans + 100 g chicken breast + 100 g lettuce + 50 g cereal bread + 1 pear
Dinner: 50 g multigrain bread + 200 g boiled zucchini + 1 egg + 200 g strawberries

25 g pure during the day extra virgin olive oil


Breakfast: 1 medium green pepper + 1 cucumber + 30 g cracker/hard-crackers + 2 tablespoons salt Seared sunflower seeds + 1 glass of green tea
Lunch: 90 g lentils + 50 g multigrain bread + 200 g boiled vegetables + 1 apple
Dinner: 70 g cottage cheese + 1 orange or 150 g cherries + 50 g cereal bread

25 g extra virgin olive oil during the day


Breakfast: 200 g low-fat cow’s milk + 35 g cereal crackers/breadcrumbs
Lunch: 90 g veal + 90 g whole wheat pasta + 100 g dark green leafy salad + 150 g apricots
Dinner: 1 egg + half a tomato + 50 g cereal bread + 1 apple

During the day 25 g pure extra virgin olive oil


Morning: 40 g fruit and oatmeal in 125 g yogurt
Lunch: 50 g salmon + 50 g boiled basmati rice + 100 g dark green leafy salad + 120 g kiwifruit
Dinner: 1 egg + 80 g green pepper + 50 g multigrain bread + 1 apple

Day 25 gr extra virgin olive oil


Breakfast: 160 gr pineapple juice + 40 gr whole wheat bread + 4 walnuts
Lunch: 70 gr lean meat + 50 g cereal bread + 100 g green salad + 1 apple
Dinner: 80 g yogurt + 1 cucumber + 50 g multigrain bread + 1 apple

25 g extra virgin olive oil

during the day ) SUNDAY

Breakfast: 60 g cottage cheese + half a tomato + 1 cucumber + 1 medium green pepper + 50 g multigrain bread + 1 glass of green tea
Lunch: 60 g chicken breast + 100 g green salad + 50 g cereal bread + 1 orange
Dinner: 40 g cheese + 200 g chicory + 50 g multigrain bread + 40 g watermelon or 1 apple

NOTE: Do not try without doctor’s approval!

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