How to lose weight from fat? How do you know if the weight is from muscle or fat?

Even if various diets or rigorous exercises are applied to lose weight, it is important that the weight loss is mainly from fat. We have compiled for you what you need to know about fat burning, which is necessary to lose weight both permanently and in a healthy way.

The main goal of those who want to have a slim appearance in a fit body is to lose weight from fat, not muscle. As a result of the diet or regular exercises, the decrease in weight on the scale is the most important issue, how much of it is fat in the body and how much is muscle. Thinking that you can lose weight easily by starving the body for a long time is one of the biggest mistakes made in dieting. Because as long as you are hungry, the body will lose water. The foods that are eaten after the muscles that start to melt with water loss, especially the ones in solid fat, serve as direct storage in the body. To prevent this, care should be taken not to lose weight from the muscles. Tips to lose weight from fat, not muscle…


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In order to lose weight from fat, you should not go beyond the necessary calories. If the amount of calories burned is less than the calories taken, whatever you consume will not be enough to lose weight. It is very important from which food the calories taken during the day are met. Another important trick to lose weight from fat is to surprise the body. For example, very few calories should be consumed one day and more normal calories should be consumed the next day.

You should not end fat consumption in your daily nutrition program. Just like other food groups, the body also needs beneficial vegetable oils. Of course, raw nuts take their place in the first place in this vegetable oil category.


Before doing regular sports exercises, warm-up movements should be done for at least 15-20 minutes. Even if the exercise is very light, warm-up must be done. After warming up, the body first burns sugar and carbohydrates with the sports movement. The higher the sugar and carbohydrate loading, the later the fat burning will take place. The fat burning estimate will show itself with the exercise program in at least 30-40 minutes.

Otherwise, the expected fat burning will not occur. If you ask from which part of the body the fat burning starts, the answer will be from the area that is first exercised. While lifting weights, the fat in the arms is burned. Fat burning is also seen throughout the body during cardio exercises such as running or walking.

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