How to make Aristotle diet that loses 6 kilos in 10 days?

You can lose 6 kilos in 10 days with the Aristotelian diet, which was created with the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables and got its name from the philosopher. So what is the Aristotelian diet and how is it done? What are the points to be considered while applying the Aristotelian diet? Ways to lose weight with the Aristotelian diet…

The Aristotelian diet, which focuses on the consumption of raw vegetables and fruits, is one of the most curious diet types of recent times. This diet, which aims to eat healthy, covers the chemotherapeutic diet group and helps to lose weight in the near future. The most important advantage of the Aristotelian diet, whose only strict rule is not to eat gluten-containing foods, is that it does not allow to regain the lost weight. So what is the Aristotelian diet and how is it applied? Here is an example list of Aristotelian diet…

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Especially seasonal vegetables should be consumed raw. Spinach, purslane, black cabbage, turnip leaves, celery, bok choy, cowpea and green vegetables are one of the foods that should not be missing from the diet list. By eating vegetables and fruits for 3 weeks, the pineal gland is cleaned and your hormones are regulated and more active. It is important to choose fruits that have low fructose value and will not affect blood sugar.

Gluten (forbidden) foods; breads, white flour, pastries, whole wheat flour, rye flour, rye flour bread, bulgur, oats, oat biscuits, cakes, pastries, pastries and packaged products made with these…

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When you wake up in the morning:

Can be consumed with half grapefruit juice or pulp


A slice of fat-free cheese,

2 eggs,

Lots of greens and tomatoes


Fish, meat and chicken (you can eat one of these options grilled),

1 bowl of lean oil yoghurt,



Fish, meat and chicken (can consume one of these options grilled) You’re in,

Steamed vegetables,


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When you wake up in the morning: Water with honey and lemon (Open half an hour before breakfast)


2 boiled eggs and low-fat cheese, lots of greens

3 eggs (1 full with 3 whites) will be whisked

Snack: 2 cucumbers in between, 1 green apple with cinnamon, 1 tea glass of yellow chickpeas, 1 cup or fennel tea

Lunch: Red and white meat as much as you want, accompanied by green salad (such as uniform greens-arugula, lettuce) green salad

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Snack: Between two cucumbers, a green apple or a bowl of strawberries

Green (1 cup) and fennel tea (1 cup) and form tea (1 cup)

Evening : Same as snack.

Snack: Green apple, two walnuts, fennel tea (1 cup) and lemon balm tea (1 cup)

After the first week per week A meal of your choice with a milk dessert or plain ice cream for once.

Week 3: 1 butter-free toast once in the morning.

Week 3: Legumes once and detox twice a week.

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