How to make Chicory Coffee, which accelerates metabolism?

Chicory coffee, which makes you feel full by keeping the metabolism active, will accelerate your weight loss process in the diet. Benefits and recipe of chicory coffee that balances blood sugar..

Chicory coffee, flavored with the aroma of the dandelion plant, is consumed hot and takes its place among the popular beverages. When tasting this coffee, which is obtained by drying and roasting the roots of chicory, a slightly roasted taste is obtained. Since the beans of chicory coffee consist of tiny granules, they dissolve very easily in water. Chicory coffee, which leaves a woody taste on the palate, is a type of beverage consumed by mixing it with powdered coffee. This coffee, which is drunk as decaffeinated coffee in many countries, is recommended for coffee addicts who push the limits of coffee consumption. For women who want to lose weight, chicory coffee can be added to meals with high fiber value recommended by dietitians.

Constipation disappears thanks to this coffee, which supports weight loss by regulating the digestive system. In addition, it prevents the desire to eat too much sweets as it eliminates blood sugar irregularity.

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Chicory coffee, which is effective for the digestive system, can be one of the ideal drinks in the diet. Chicory coffee, which should not be consumed by people with allergies, children and pregnant women, can cause diarrhea or heartburn if consumed excessively even in normal healthy people.


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Chicory coffee, which has features such as edema and making you feel full for a long time, is of course not enough to lose weight alone. During the day, you can see the benefits of a diet with a healthy diet and regular exercise. You can keep your shape with the mixture that you can speed up the digestion when you drink it after a meal. Do not consume chicory coffee, which stimulates metabolism when drunk regularly, without the approval of a doctor.


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MATERIALS:Chicory powder, Milk

PREPARATION OF: Add 1-2 teaspoons of chicory coffee powder into your cup. Then add hot water and mix well. If you wish, you can soften the coffee with a little milk.

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