How to make weight loss iced green tea? cold green tea recipe

You may want to take a break from green tea, which is extremely effective in accelerating metabolism, because it is hot. However, you can get rid of your excess fat and have a slim body with the iced green tea mixture that we will recommend to you. Preparing weight loss iced green tea mixture and the effects of green tea on weight loss…

No matter how much you like hot drinks such as Turkish coffee or hot chocolate, it is never taken in summer. In the scorching heat, we look for cold drinks to refresh us. The icy mixtures that we throw in cubes will not only leave a pleasant taste on the palate, but also help to cool down. Detox drinks preferred by people who want to finish the summer in a fit way or who want to get rid of their excess weight as soon as possible have a direct effect on some people, while others may not work.


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6-8 green tea bags
4 glasses of boiling water
2 cups of ice cubes
2 teaspoons of natural honey (for sweetening)

FABRICATION: Put the green tea bags mentioned above in boiling water. After waiting for 5 minutes to brew, gently remove it. Add honey to the ice cubes and mix for 2 minutes until well dissolved. If desired, add lemon to it and consume it cold.

CONSUMPTION: The excess of green tea iced mixture, which you can consume not exceeding 2-3 glasses a day, can cause poisoning. It is also beneficial not to consume too much.


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Green tea, recommended by dietitians for people who want to burn fat, contains 0 calories when drunk in its pure and sugar-free form. Green tea, which enables the removal of foreign substances in the body, supports fat burning with its intense caffeine. You will see that the metabolism that you can get with normal methods is well warmed up, active and energetic. Green tea, which doubles the metabolic rate, also helps to cut your appetite by preventing the desire to overeat.


The iced form of green tea, known as the most ideal weight loss tea, is an easier drink to sip than others. You can accelerate your metabolism with the mixture that contains 0 calories and acts as a strong shield against diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

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