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Lemon, which conquers hearts with its fragrant scent, is very beneficial for health and facilitates weight loss. So, does eating lemon really make you lose weight? How to make lemon diet? What are the benefits of lemon for weight loss? Does lemon burn fat? How to lose weight by eating lemon? Does lemon water make you lose weight? Daily lemon diet list…

Lemon, which we use in many different areas in our daily life, is beneficial for health and makes our work easier when we diet. The substance of flavonoids in lemon is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as preventing weight gain. It has been proven by some studies that it offers positive effects on weight loss with its rich vitamin C content and its weakening effect with lemon fiber, which fights microbes against diseases. However, as with every food, it is useful not to miss the measure. Because lemon consumed in large amounts can cause low blood pressure on the person, or it can cause some stomach problems due to its acidic properties. Instead of applying the medical treatment methods that are put on the table for the sake of losing weight, you can get the fit look you want with healthy and natural miracles that you can add to your diet at home. Get in shape with the lemon diet, where most of the weight loss formulas women search for on the internet can have positive experiences. No matter how much the name of the diet is ‘lemon diet’ , do not forget to take other healthy and fat burning foods at the time of application. Let’s look at the details of the Lemon diet, which is recommended to be applied with the approval of the doctor…



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”Lose 3 kilos in 5 days’ Lemon diet ‘how is it done?’ For the news

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It will help to purify the toxins in the body one by one and prevent the fat in certain areas. You can find the secret of healthy weight loss with citrus fruits such as lemon. Lemons, which are at our disposal at home, have many benefits in hair revitalization, skin beautification, teeth whitening, being a source of strong antioxidants, and it will greatly facilitate your work in staying as thin as a crochet hook.



Lemon juice made from 6 lemons
8 glasses of water
3-4 pieces ice cube
Half a glass of honey
8-10 fresh mint leaves

(Mix the above-mentioned ingredients in a clean glass pitcher)

BEFORE YOU HAVE BREAKFAST: Drink up to 1 glass of the mixture.

BREAKFAST: An energetic fruit salad

AT 11 pm: 3-4 almonds with a glass of lemonade

LUNCH: 1 boiled egg, bowl of salad. Add 1 teaspoon each of apple cider vinegar and olive oil to your salad.

AT 4 PM: 1 glass of lemonade and a desired fruit

EVENING: Grilled fish or chicken, vegetable salad

2 HOURS BEFORE SLEEP: 1 glass of lemonade


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1st Day

Mix in 1 lemon + 1 glass of drinking water and drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

2. Day

Mixing it with 2 lemons + 2 glasses of drinking water, the first for getting up in the morning and the other for the night.

3. Day

Mix 3 lemons + 3 glasses of drinking water and drink the first one in the morning, the other in the evening and the last one at night.

4. Day

Mix 4 lemons + 4 glasses of drinking water. For different time zones during the day.

5th Day

5 lemons + 5 glasses of drinking water

6. Day

6 lemons + 6 glasses of drinking water

Day 7

Juice of 3 lemons + 10 glasses of plain water (1 tablespoon) with honey)

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8th Day

6 lemons + 6 glasses of drinking water

9. Day

5 lemons + 5 glasses of drinking water

Day 10

4 lemons + 4 glasses of drinking water

Day 11

3 lemons + 3 glasses of drinking water (same as day 3)

12. Day

2 lemons + 2 glasses of drinking water (same as day 2)

13. Day

1 lemon + 1 glass of drinking water (In the morning on an empty stomach)

14. Day

3 lemon juice + 10 glasses of drinking water (1 tablespoon of honey for morning-lunch-evening)


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– Consumption of lemon, which is a source of healing in terms of vitamin C, makes your metabolism work faster .

– It cleans the liver, which is one of the main organs that is effective in weight loss. People with problems such as fatty liver can make it easier to lose weight by drinking lemon water.

– It helps to melt the fat accumulated in various parts of the body.

– Cleanses the digestive system and removes toxins in the body.


Before breakfast: 1 glass of warm water, half lemon (lemon, squeezed into water)
Breakfast: 1 slice of wheat bread, 1 boiled egg, greens, 4-5 olives
Snack: 1 glass of lemonade
Lunch: 1 bowl of non-fat yogurt, 5-7 walnuts or hazelnuts
Snack : 1 glass of warm water, half a lemon (lemon will be squeezed into water)
Dinner: 1 portion of red meat / chicken meat / fish, salad with olive oil
One hour before bedtime: 1 glass of warm water, half a lemon (the lemon will be squeezed into water)

NOTE: It is recommended that people with blood pressure and diabetes get their doctor’s approval before applying this diet list. Apart from the diet list to be applied, daily 45-minute walks should be performed and 2 liters of water should be drunk.

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