Is it harmful to go on a shock diet during the pandemic? Weight gain in the pandemic

It is a fact that we gain weight as we stay at home, both due to cold weather and the pandemic. For this reason, the harm of unconscious shock diets, Dietitian Assoc. Dr. Gunay Eskici told me.

Dietitian Assoc. Dr. Günay Eskici warned that in these days when the weather is getting colder due to the autumn season, we are constantly in closed environments with the effect of the pandemic and that the covid-19 cases are increasing day by day. Pointing out that at least 30 minutes of walking should be taken every day to prevent diseases, experts said that when it is not possible outside, appropriate sports movements should be done at home.

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Dietitian Assoc. Dr. Günay Eskici underlined that it is harmful to apply a shock diet at home during this period, and said, “We observe weight gains in the body, especially during this period when we are at home. Let’s stay away from shock diets, starvation diets, single food diets to lose weight. Because these diets cause our immune system to weaken and make us more resistant to disease. The main point for us is an adequate and balanced diet. Let’s try to create this by providing diversity in nutrition. Let’s try to diversify vegetables and fruits with rainbow colors. Let’s do regular physical activity. “As long as we get enough sleep, we strengthen our immunity.”

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