Keemun tea helps weight loss

Natural keemun tea, whose homeland is the Far East, will help you lose weight. Keemun tea, which is a type of tea unique to China, is a large, natural taste and intensely flavored tea. It is quite scarce. Only 120 kilos are produced in a year and consumed after 2 months of processing.

Keemun teas, which are used in many English teas, are known as English breakfast teas in essence, but Keemun Hoa Ya tea is known as the tea of ​​the Queen of England.


Losing weight

Tea has a weight loss feature. Keemun tea, which is not nauseating even if it is drunk on an empty stomach, will taste better if you do not add sugar or milk. Famous names such as Ümit Erdim, Işın Karaca and Pelin Öztekin also lost weight by consuming keemun tea.

How to consume

It is recommended to consume 1 or 2 glasses daily. 1 teaspoon of natural tea is thrown into a cup of hot water. It is recommended to drink the herbal tea with pleasure after it is allowed to be infused in hot water for 3 to 5 minutes.

BT TonLap14 cupped cha tang


To buy Keemun tea, choose shops you trust and have Ministry of Health inspection and approval. In case of any side effects that can be seen or occur, consumption should be discontinued and a doctor should be consulted. Do not use as a therapeutic for any disease or ailment.

It is definitely not a medicine, it is a food supplement with herbal content. It should not be used by pregnant and lactating women and children under 18 years of age. Use according to the instructions on the box. There is information about the manufacturer and its contents on the product box.

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