Miraculous edema detox cure special for those who are inactive! How to do a spring detox?

With the arrival of spring, the way to have an energetic and healthy body is very easy! If you want to get rid of toxins and feel better without a belly, we recommend you to apply the perfect edema detox recipe with you! A special detox for the inactive people described in the Nermin’s Delicious Kitchen program broadcast on Kanal 7…

The main purpose of detox, which is extremely effective in regional slimming, is not to lose weight in the body, but the need for detox after a long-term diet and slimming process. The reason is the removal of toxins from the body by melting fat cells. With the arrival of the spring months, it is necessary to lose the weight we have gained out of nowhere and have a new and dynamic body in these days when we are all stuck in our homes for a long time. You can have an energetic body with healthy detox recipes that can be applied by people with edema problems. In order to purify our body again and get rid of excess fat, we need to learn the rules of healthy eating. In this sense, in the program “Nermin’s Delicious Cuisine” , which was broadcast on Channel 7 screens and hosted by Nermin Gül, the edema-killing recipe awaited by those who remained inactive was announced. Here is body renewal with spring detox…


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1 green apple

1 lemon

1 stick of cinnamon

5-6 sprigs of parsley

1 tablespoon of green tea

2-3 slices of ginger

5-6 crushed black pepper

1.5 liters of water


slice lemons


Finely slice the apples and lemons with their seeds and put them in the pot. Put the parsley with the stems together with black pepper and ginger and boil it well. To avoid a bitter taste, add green tea at the last step and filter the detox and consume it regularly.

NOTE: It has the effect of flattening the belly in 1 week!


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You can make a great start to the summer with diet expert Nil Şahin Gürhan’s 3-day spring nutrition.

Morning (before breakfast):
1 glass of slightly warm water
1 cup of colder water

In the morning at breakfast:
1 glass of water Milk
3-4 tablespoons of oatmeal
3-4 whole walnuts
10-15 blueberries
1 teaspoon molasses

1 cup of plain Turkish coffee

2-3 artichokes with olive oil
1 cup of yogurt
Lots of salad (with a little olive oil added)

1 handful of chickpeas
1 kiwi

1 medium grilled fish
Rich arugula salad (with little olive oil added – lots of lemon)

3 rings of fresh pineapple

After doing this diet for 3 consecutive days, you should pay attention to this diet. Also, don’t forget to take a walk every day during and after the diet.

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