Pairs balancing each other in diet

Combining certain foods can increase their nutritional value and absorption. Some foods are more beneficial to the body if they are consumed together. Dietitian Sena Karahan discussed the ‘duals that balance each other in diet’ during the weight loss process in today’s column.

Having salty or sweet snack options during the slimming process makes the diet more sustainable rather than boring. If diet lists containing strict prohibitions are replaced by excessive consumption of junk food after a while, don’t blame yourself, support your process with innocent and healthy snacks that will satisfy your appetite.


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Although there is a lot of information pollution about milk, you can include milk in your diet if you do not have any autoimmune disease and do not have excessive bloating and digestive problems. Those who are not comfortable with milk may prefer lactose-free milk, kefir or plant-based milk (almond milk, hazelnut milk, etc.). Since bananas and milk are rich in fiber and protein, they do not cause sudden increases in blood sugar and provide satiety. You can choose milk with Turkish coffee or filter coffee, or you can prepare it with cocoa.


26WRr 1623075650 1714  The prohibition in the slimming process can increase the desire for junk food, and unfortunately, diets that are believed to be broken with the idea of ​​all-or-nothing are interrupted. Popcorn can also be preferred throughout the diet, as it is a more innocent option and will satisfy the feeling of snacking. Consumption of fat-free popcorn, as it contains less calories, increases pure carbohydrate intake. Instead, 1 glass of clean oil popcorn and properly brewed white tea can be preferred. It is important to take care to brew the tea leaves at the right temperature, regardless of white, green or black, to preserve antioxidants. You may be brewing it wrong, especially if you complain of a bitter taste. In order not to burn the tea leaves, let them rest for a while instead of throwing them directly into boiling water.


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It can be easily preferred in this dual weight loss diet, which reduces the temperature and suppresses the need for sweets in the summer months. In addition to being high in fiber, dates contain a lot of sugar, so it is useful to pay attention to the amount of consumption for those who want to lose weight. 2 spoons of yogurt can be mixed with mineral water instead of water and consumed with 3 medium dates.


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Watermelon and cheese, the beloved duo of the summer months, are highly preferred because they are both light and refreshing, but those who want to lose weight may hesitate to consume watermelon. The belief that non-carbohydrate diets burn fat can also make fruit a culprit in the diet, but it is not correct to attach harmful or weight-saving labels to foods, the important thing is the amount and frequency of consumption. It can be preferred with 3 thin triangular slices of watermelon and 2 slices of cheese.

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