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If you say ‘I can’t eat and eat and gain weight’, we have researched the most ideal diet list for you, which will solve your problem radically and allow you to eat in a very healthy way. One of the prominent names in the field of diet, Prof. Dr. Ender Saraç shared the tricks of gaining weight in healthy ways. How to gain weight in healthy ways? Example diet list from Ender Saraç…

Today, it is a problem to be very thin due to some health problems, just like those who are in trouble with their excess weight! While there is a calorie amount that everyone should take according to their body for a healthy body, losing the measure of this and gaining excess weight leads to serious diseases such as obesity over time. Such patients should have a healthy diet under the supervision of a doctor. Experts, who generally recommend choosing vegetable-heavy diet lists such as ketogenic diet , mention the suggestions that make it easier to lose weight, and also give golden tips to those who want to gain weight in a healthy way. Since the weight gained by unhealthy methods will store fat in the body, it will cause an aesthetically unpleasant appearance and adversely affect body health. In particular, the consumption of fast food, which appeals to all age groups today, causes weight gain in very unhealthy ways and triggers problems such as liver fat. So is there no other way around this? How to gain weight in healthy ways? What are the tricks of gaining weight fast and healthy? Here is the list of healthy weight gain diets from Ender Saraç…


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2 eggs omelette with cheddar and butter
3 slices of bread with seeds
1 glass of freshly squeezed orange juice
Parsley and 3 teaspoons of homemade jam


1 glass of milk


Chicken with tomatoes
1 portion of rice with butter
Carrots with olive oil


1 glass of buttermilk and a handful salted almonds



1 bowl of lentil soup
Medium cheese pizza with tomato
Tomato salad


1 handful of pumpkin seeds
Plum pulp and 1 glass of boza

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