She lost 40 kilos with acupuncture, she is no longer ashamed when she eats

128 kilos in Antalya Semih Karakoç lost 40 kilos after 4 cures of acupuncture treatment. Karakoç, who is 1.89 in height, lost 13 kilos before his first acupuncture treatment in 23 days, and decreased to 88 kilos at the end of 4 cycles. Semih Karakoç, who said that he looked at life more positively after losing weight, and that he was ashamed to do it when he was overweight, now does it easily, expressed that he is very happy.

“I went up to 132 kilos”

Explaining that he was very embarrassed when he was eating at restaurants when he weighed 128 kilograms, Karakoç said, “I was uncomfortable with people’s looks. It was as if I thought they were saying ‘dirty throat’ while looking at me. I couldn’t eat. Now I can eat comfortably,” he said.

Stating that he was overweight in his childhood, Karakoç said, “After the age of 12, I started to gain weight rapidly. I went up to 132 kilos for a period. I lost 128 kilos on diet. I have not been successful in diets. Then, with my mother’s suggestion, I decided to lose weight with acupuncture,” he said.

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Semih Karakoç, who was 128 kilos in Antalya, lost 40 kilos after 4 cures of acupuncture treatment.

“I thought I couldn’t lose weight with acupuncture”

Semih Karakoç, who stated that he did not believe that he could lose weight when he decided to lose weight with acupuncture treatment, said, “I was a little nervous at first, but when I saw that I lost weight, I continued. When I started to lose weight, I wanted to lose more weight. “I am 88 kilos now, but I want to lose a little more weight,” he said.

“My fat was drooping, now I’m like a bird”

Explaining that he was embarrassed when swimming in the sea during his overweight period, Karakoç said, “My fat was sagging. I was entering with an athlete. Now I will freely swim in the sea,” he said.

When she went to the stores for shopping when she was 128 kilos, she looked in the mirror while trying on clothes and said, ‘Is this me?’ Semih Karakoç said, “Now the outfit I bought fits on me. I’ve made it now. I’m happy. I will continue further. I have a little more,” he said.

Expressing that his energy runs out towards noon while working in his own coffee shop, Karakoç said, “I am like a bird now. I am very comfortable taking my steps”used the expressions.

“This patient’s success”

Traditional and Complementary Medicine Specialist Dr. Dundar Kaçar, on the other hand, said that this success is the success of Semih Karakoç. Dr. Kaçar said, “Semih lost 40 kilos in 4 cycles. We took a few months break between each cycle to allow the body to adapt to the weight lost. Originally weighed 128 kilos, now 88 kilos. This is the patient’s success, not ours. This made us very happy,” he said.

Stating that as a Traditional and Complementary Medicine Specialist, he only guides his clients, Dr. Dündar Kaçar said, “If a person has set his mind to lose weight, he will eventually be successful. It is important to be determined and to believe in your doctor to lose weight,” he said.

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