Slimming method by staying away from 3 whites! How to leave sugar and salt?

If you want to apply the three whites rule that should be avoided in terms of health and want to remove them from your life as soon as possible, there are ways to reduce sugar-salt-flour! Did you know how you can reduce sugar and salt to lose weight? Here are 3 ways to lose weight by staying away from white…

Although you are not a big eater, if you cannot remove the 3 whites, namely flour, salt and sugar from your life, you are likely to encounter health problems in the future. You should not forget that you should stay away from these three food groups in order to stay healthy and slim. While the three whites (FLOUR-SUGAR-SALT) with a high carbohydrate value do not provide satiety in the long run, they also bring some risky conditions in terms of health. If you are thinking about your own health and do not want to include these foods in your nutrition program anymore, let’s first look at the negative effects on our body…


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SALT: Salt, which is in the natural composition of every food, is active in the role of muscles and nerves. Salt, which should be consumed 5-15 grams per day, is lost in days of scorching hot days, heavy exercises, febrile diseases and diarrheal diseases.

Excessive consumption of salt causes blood pressure to rise, in other words, it negatively affects blood pressure. In addition, as a result of some diseases, water collection in the body can lead to edema.

SUGAR: The sugar obtained by dividing the sugar side of sugar beet can be a precursor of conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart and circulatory diseases, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome and tooth decay.

Sugar, which is a type of nutrient that cancer cells cannot give up, also causes the immune system to weaken. Daily needs for sugar can be obtained from fruit, milk, yoghurt and bread.

FLOUR: Flour from wheat and cereal grains is used in almost all pastries. It is necessary to stay away from the consumption of such foods, as delicious pastries made during guests, golden days, birthdays, afternoon tea, will cause excess weight gain in a short time. It is also very high in calories.


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As in all matters, you must promise yourself that you will give up sugar with a firm and definite will. Repeat this over and over, both internally and with the tongue, and signal this to your brain. Do not consume acidic beverages that we are not aware of but contain excessive amounts of sugar. When you crave something sweet, it means you’re hungry. In such cases, instead of attacking the junk food, resolutely decide not to eat it.

Sugar, which does not contain any nutrients in the name of vitamins and minerals, will not bring anything but a minus to your body. If you say you can’t do without tea, but you can’t make tea without sugar, we have a suggestion for you! You can provide a healthier diet by using honey, which is a natural sweetener instead of sugar.


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Since it is stated by experts that it would be a wrong move to completely abandon the habit of consuming salt, it should be consumed as little as possible, but not completely cut off. Do not keep salt in the area where your eyes can see. Avoid excessive salt consumption by blending various spices instead of salt while cooking.

If you love to eat pickles in daily life, be careful not to overdo it and wash it before eating. For homemade soups from instant soup consumption.


The flour material used in pastry foods with high carbohydrate value is a food suitable for weight gain. If you get hungry quickly during the day and cannot prevent it, you should look at consuming foods that are rich in fiber instead of carbohydrate-heavy foods.

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