Slimming with prunes

Losing weight with prunes New researches made two handfuls a day prune to slimmingIt shows that it helps.

According to the news of the Daily Mail, prunes help to lose weight. Dieters are often told to avoid dried fruit. Because dried fruits contain much more sugar than fresh ones. But new research shows that prunes are an exception.

Slimming with prunes

kuru erik zayiflama kilo verme diyetSlimming with prunes

It has been stated that those who consume prunes from diets stay full for longer and lose weight faster. Prunes, which are a store of fiber, suppress the feeling of hunger.

Jo Harrold, one of the researchers, thinks that the benefit of prunes is more because it gives a feeling of satiety, even though it contains sugar. Since prunes are known to trigger stomach problems, it is recommended that those who are just starting to consume it should take it in small quantities.

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