Slimming with thyme juice, which makes you lose 7 kilos in 1 month

You can lose weight incredibly fast thanks to the juice of thyme, which is often used in the kitchen. We have discussed for you how you can lose weight with thyme juice, which is consumed fondly with its sharp and pleasant smell. You can read the details of our news to learn about the preparation of thyme juice, which is known for its fat-burning properties, and its effect on weight loss. How to lose weight with thyme juice? What are the benefits of thyme juice? What does thyme juice do? Weight loss method with thyme juice that will make you lose weight in natural ways…

The effect of herbs on weight loss as well as diet and exercise movements done to get rid of excess weight is a fact that cannot be ignored. The fat deposits accumulated in some parts of the body cause drooping images, causing a feeling of discomfort in the person. Apart from the oils such as rosemary or cinnamon, which can be used to accelerate the burning of the oils here, thyme, which is used to add flavor to the dishes, will work. It is suggested that women who are faced with weight problems can lose weight in the near future by drinking thyme juice. Making thyme juice, which not only facilitates fat burning, but also accelerates metabolism, is quite simple! How to lose weight with thyme juice that you can easily find outside? What is the weight loss effect of thyme juice? A healthy weight loss method with thyme juice…

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Thyme juice, which is one of the medicinal plants that support weight loss, helps the metabolism to work faster by causing the blood circulation in the body to activate. Today, among the methods applied to melt the fat in the region, which is based on the regional slimming method, you can turn the fat into energy and burn it with thyme spice, which will be useful for you.

It is known that thyme juice contributes to weight loss and supports the weight loss process. In the slimming method with thyme, which does not need to make extra arrangements, provided that it is not unhealthy, especially digestion is relieved. In the digestive system, which has no problems, the body can easily burn fat and excess weight can be melted.

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Put 1-2 glasses of water in a large saucepan and 2-3 pinches of fresh thyme in a small saucepan. Put the small pot into the large pot and put the pot lid upside down and boil the water on fire for 1 hour. After boiling, your thyme juice will be ready.

NOTE: Since the taste of the prepared thyme juice will be bitter, people who will not like this taste can add lemon and 2 tomatoes into the thyme. Add the tomatoes first, then squeeze the lemon, and wait 5 minutes for the water to mix. You can consume it after the waiting process is over.

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Thyme juice, which is one of the most effective mixtures among weight loss cures, should be consumed on an empty stomach between meals. Nothing should be consumed until half an hour or 1 hour after drinking this mixture, which should not be drunk just before the meal. The mixture, which is recommended to be consumed only about 1 cup during the day, may cause discomfort such as reflux and nausea if consumed in large quantities.


People who try the method of losing weight with thyme juice can start with an average of 3 kilos of weight loss during the effect period depending on their metabolism. It has been observed that a total of 7 kilos can be lost in 1 month at the weight loss rate that differs from month to month. Before starting the day, consume thyme juice, which you can consume when you are hungry, 30 minutes before breakfast. If you cannot drink in the morning when you are hungry, you can drink it half an hour before you go to sleep at night.

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You can make it easier to lose weight by consuming thyme, which is one of the fat-burning spices that helps to lose weight, together with yogurt. Add a teaspoon of mint, thyme, chili pepper and cumin into an empty bowl and mix. This mixture will both soothe your hunger and make it easier to burn fat.

The nutritional values ​​of 2 teaspoons of thyme are as follows:

– 5% of daily calcium need
– Daily vitamin K requirement 60% of
– 4% of daily fiber need
– 11% of daily magnesium need,
– 20% of daily iron need is provided by 3 grams of thyme.

We can examine the nutritional values ​​of yogurt as follows:

– Portion amount: 100 grams
– Calories: 59
– Total fat : 0.5 grams
– Saturated fat: 0.1 grams
– Polyunsaturated fat 0
– Cholesterol 6 mg
– Sugar 3.6 grams

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