Surprising statement from Ata Demirer, who lost 18 kilos: “I lose weight when I hold my chin”

Famous comedian Ata Demirer, who we know with his extra pounds, became an event on social media with his weight loss. According to the allegations, Demirer came to the fore with the allegations that he had surgery to recover the sagging that occurred in his body after losing weight. Demirer clarified this in a program he attended.

Ata Demirer, 49, is currently working on his new movie ‘Bursa Nightingale’. The famous comedian became the center of attention on social media with the weight he lost. Demirer, who was 140 kilos for a period, lost 18 kilos and said goodbye to his old appearance. However, he denied the claims that he lost 50 kilos on news sites. On the other hand, the famous comedian said that he is against stomach surgery and that it is healthier to lose weight naturally.

Demirer, who was a guest of the program “Galaxy Guide”, presented by Mehmet Demirkol and broadcast on the YouTube channel of Socrates Magazine, clarified the allegations that he had stomach surgery.

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Ata Demirer lost 50 kilos


Saying “They said nonsense” about the news that he lost 50 kilos, Ata Demirer said, “I am not 50 kilos overweight, who should I give 50 kilos to? I am against stomach surgery. God forbid, you know how to take out a neighborhood from the house, then I will be. There are those who have stomach surgery for beauty. He’s doing it for 20 kilos because he’s fat. I lost 17-18 kilos, but there is no need for stomach surgery, I lose it when I hold my chin a little bit,” he said.

The comedian, who is in front of the camera with the movie Bursa Bülbül, has touched everyone with his last share. Shooting the film in his neighborhood in Bursa, where he spent his childhood, Ata Demirer gave the same pose he took as a child. The famous name commemorating those days, to his post; “Back to the Neighborhood”downgrade.

ata demirer latest post

Remembering the old days, the comedian did not neglect to share his photo taken years ago.

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Ata Demirer


Ata Demirer took the stage at the party organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) the previous evening with the slogan “Zeki Müren Will See Us Too” of the 41st Istanbul Film Festival, which was held on April 8-19. Demirer sang the songs ‘Expected Song’ and ‘Hayriye’. The famous comedian, who managed to entertain the audience with his dances and voice, drew attention with his fit form. Here is the latest version of Ata Demirer…

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Ata Demirer

Demirer, who is among the celebrities who use social media actively, shared her photo with Demet Akbağ on her Instagram account.

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ata demirer latest version

Famous comedian Ata Demirer had been in seclusion for a long time to work on new films. Demirer followed a strict diet while working.

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ata demirer latest version

While the latest version of Ata Demirer surprised his fans, the famous name was commented on.

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It was seen that the 49-year-old player lost a lot of weight. Demirer took this frame “I am paying”shared with the note.

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Here is the frame Demirer shared on Instagram;

Enjoying the sea and the sun in Bozcaada, Demirer received many comments such as “Mashallah”, “How did you lose weight?”, “You are definitely better”, “The weight is great”, as well as birthday messages from his followers.

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