The 8 most common mistakes when losing weight: Dieters do not make these mistakes

Having a healthy and fit body is the greatest desire of all of us, regardless of male or female. Due to the pandemic, the working life at home, the limited social life cause us to add new ones to our weight. Stating that those who try to lose weight outside of expert control are at great risk, Dyt said. Ps. M. Berrin Ak emphasizes that unintentional diet mistakes can put weight gain and health at risk.

completely removing carbohydrates from the diet

The biggest mistake made in diets is to exclude all carbohydrates, especially bread, from the diet. The body uses carbohydrates as an energy source. In particular, the brain needs glucose, the building block of carbohydrates, for energy. As a result of insufficient intake of carbohydrates, the body begins to provide the energy it needs from the muscles. As a result, muscle and water loss occurs in the body. With muscle loss, the body protects itself, the metabolism slows down and the person becomes more prone to gaining weight. To avoid this situation, include complex carbohydrates such as legumes, fruits and whole grain foods in the right amounts in all your diets.

stay hungry for a long time

In diets made by starving for a long time, muscle and water loss occurs instead of fat. This situation is perceived as weight loss, but the important and correct thing in a healthy diet is to reduce the fat mass. In case of starvation for a long time, the metabolism slows down and the lost weight is regained as soon as you start eating. Thus, a vicious circle is born. In addition, health problems such as imbalance in blood sugar, weakness and dizziness may develop in diets that are fasted for a long time. In order to lose weight permanently and healthily, long fasting diets with scientifically proven benefits for health and weight loss should be done under the control of nutritionists.

Not eating anything after 6pm

It is a fact that metabolism slows down in the evening and meals eaten late in the evening cause digestive and weight problems. However, in today’s conditions, when you think about the time to return home from work, it is clearly seen that not eating after a certain time is not the right judgment for everyone. For this reason, just as the diet should be personal, meal times should also be personal. Meal consumption should be terminated at least 2 to 2 and a half hours before going to sleep.

Consuming light products unlimitedly

There is a misconception that light products consumed to aid diet are calorie-free. These products are low in calories compared to normal products. In addition, different nutrients and sweeteners are added to these products with reduced calories to add flavor. For this reason, before buying light products, the food label should be read thoroughly and consumed by paying attention to the amount.

Trying to lose weight quickly

Although many people aim to lose weight quickly in a short time, it is necessary to spread the process over time in order to lose weight in a healthy way and not to regain the lost weight. When weight is lost quickly, complaints such as stomach problems, hair loss, anemia, and mental problems may occur. Studies show that slow and balanced weight loss is more effective in long-term weight control.

Consuming excessive herbal tea

Herbal teas, which have many health benefits when consumed regularly, do not have a direct effect on weight loss. From herbal teas, which can cause health problems when consumed excessively, support should be obtained after a balanced nutrition program is created under expert control and a calorie deficit is achieved.

be constantly weighed

Being weighed frequently during the day is among the mistakes made in the diet. By weighing frequently, you may misinterpret the fluctuations in weight during the day, and you may leave the diet before you reach your target weight due to your decreased motivation. For the right motivation and weight control, you should weigh yourself once a week on an empty stomach and at the same time.

lose weight by eating only one food

These diets, which are generally made with information obtained from the internet, are outside the understanding of healthy nutrition. Over time, these diets cause many health problems due to nutrient deficiencies such as vitamins and minerals. For a healthy weight loss, avoid a single type of diet and take care to consume all food groups in a balanced way.

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