The diet that makes Hollywood stars thin! What is the celebrity baby food diet, how is it done?

Among the diets that make even world-renowned Hollywood stars look like wax, there is also the baby food diet. The possibility of losing weight has been tried with the baby food diet, which has put its name on the forefront of the strangest diets tried for the sake of losing weight. We have searched for you the important points that should be considered in this diet, which is made with jar baby foods to be consumed during the day. What is a baby food diet, how is a baby food diet made? Can you lose weight by eating baby food? How much weight is lost with baby food diet? The diet applied by Hollywood stars…

The baby food diet, which is among the strangest diet lists tried for the sake of losing weight, is one of the weight loss methods that can be preferred especially among Hollywood celebrities. With the baby food diet, which is made by consuming 9 or 14 jars of baby food a day, you can have the opportunity to catch the thinness you want in your physical appearance. We have researched for you how to make a baby food diet, which will both help you throw unhealthy eating habits aside and cleanse the body from toxins. What is a baby food diet? How to make a baby food diet? How to lose weight with baby food diet? Here is one of the most interesting diets to lose weight: Baby food diet… It means that there are about 62 kcal in 100 grams of baby food with low calorie value. The nutritional program should be adjusted accordingly, in the amount of calories that vary according to the gender of women and men. While the daily calorie requirement of women is between 1800 and 2000, the calorie amount of men is around 2200-2400.


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Morning: Maximum 2 jars of baby food.
Snack: 1-2 jars of baby food.
Lunch: 2-3 jars of baby food.
Snack: 1 jar of baby food.
Dinner: Baby food, lean fish (you can grill or bake), green leafy vegetables, low-fat milk and other animal foods with protein can be consumed.


Healthy and fast with baby food jar that you can choose instead of the nutrition plate you would consume in normal life. you can lose weight. If you don’t want to eat that much baby food during the day, another method you can apply is to consume baby food instead of just high-calorie foods.

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Pureed small jars are effective in not exceeding the amount of measure you need to consume. When you act in accordance with the baby food diet, rapid weight loss will undoubtedly be inevitable. Each jar of food should have a total of 100 calories.

The most important feature based on the baby food diet is the high nutritional value in the formulas. The fact that it is salt-free, fat-free, additive-free and sugar-free is one of the biggest pluses for the diet.

The reason why it is not recommended to make a long-term baby food diet is that the food in the jar is prepared according to the needs of the baby, not the adult. Therefore, it is quite insufficient in terms of fiber, calcium and vitamin D.


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It is a pure and vitamin-supported food that does not contain harmful additives.

Since you will consume it in a jar, it has an appetite control function and prevents you from overeating.

Preferring gluten-free foods will be more suitable for your health.

It provides the opportunity to make a delicious diet.


Iron, zinc and calcium deficiencies may appear.

You can complete your daily mineral deficiency with 4 bottles of mineral water.


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World-renowned stars Lady Gaga and Heidi Slimanebu’ ( It was claimed that also applied the baby food diet. The main rule of baby food diet; It was created on baby food made from crushed fruits and vegetables for 2 meals a day.

Although it is claimed that celebrities do this diet, it is known that it may be inconvenient to do it for more than 2-3 days. Do not apply without asking your doctor!

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