The last version of the singer Bengü, who gave birth, was surprised! Needle turned into thread

Singer Bengü, who gave birth in the past months, surprised everyone with her social media account. The birth weight of the famous singer Bengü did not go unnoticed. Here is the latest version of Bengü…

Famous singer Bengü, who got married to businessman Selim Selimoğlu in 2018, welcomed her first child in 2019. Enjoying the joy of being a mother for the second time in November 2021, Bengü is among the couples that have been shown as an example with her happy marriage.

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Bengü, one of the names who use social media actively, added a new one to her shares. The famous couple took their children to the park. This change of Bengü, who came to the agenda with her birth weight, surprised everyone.


The famous pop singer Bengü, who shared the picture he took in the park with his wife Selim Selimoğlu from the story section of his social media account, “We are in the place”wrote the note.

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bengu’s latest status

The singer, who is the mother of two children, gained a fit appearance in a short time.

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