The most effective lower abdomen melting movements! How to flatten the lower abdomen at home?

If you can’t get rid of the saggy appearance caused by the fat in the lower abdomen, try doing these moves at home! The most effective abdominal movements that work the lower abdominal muscles…

One of the most difficult places to melt in regional lubrication is undoubtedly the lower abdomen and its surroundings. Sometimes it takes some patience and willpower to prevent the lubrication problem that you think will never go away no matter what is done. If you want to melt the lower abdomen, which is one of the most troublesome places, and have a flat stomach, we have organized the most effective movements that will work for you if you do it regularly at home.


The place classified as the lower abdomen is exactly around the belly button and below. Lubrication and sagging due to weight will cause some sagging in the lower abdomen, so it will be very uncomfortable for the eyes. In order to make this place flat, you should try to consume low-fat foods and stay away from acidic drinks. You should eat fruits and vegetables and do regular exercise movements. Exercises such as cycling, rowing, running and swimming are the most effective movements in the destruction of the lower abdomen.

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Place the palms on the floor with the palms facing down and the wrists directly on the shoulder area. Use your lower abs to lift the hips and cross both feet forward and to the right of the body.

Then return to the original movement and jump back, then repeat the exercise in the same way to the other side of your body.


Stand in a supine position and fix your lower back on the floor. You can get support by holding your stomach tightly inside and keeping your hands at your sides. Breathe in keeping both legs upright and rhythmically raise your legs up and down alternately. It is important that the knees are not bent.


Lie on your back and place your hands just below your hips. Then lift and lower the legs straight up without bending them. Do this move several times.

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