The Oatmeal Diet: Porridge Recipes and More

The oat diet is not only applied for slimming purposes, it is a diet with very strong health benefits. Oatmeal nutrition program is high in nutrition and healthy because it contains plenty of fiber.

Oat, which is a product with a high feeling of satiety and satiety; It’s not a detox, it’s a diet. with many different versions oat diet made within the framework of common general lines. These lines are as follows:

The diet program includes 3 main meals and 3 snacks. Since it includes a snack after dinner, it allows the person who applies it to sleep full.
In the first 2 days of the diet, some oats are added to each main meal. On other days, oats are included in 2 main meals to be consumed during the day. Thus, the body’s carbohydrate needs are met from whole grains. Protein and fat needs are met with snacks and usually dinner.
Plenty of water consumption is recommended. Each glass of water taken into the body causes some edema. Therefore, water plays a very important role in weight loss.
Exercise or increased movement routine is applied 3 days a week.
Oatmeal diets restrict consumption of sweets. Sugar-free desserts or fruits containing sugar can be added to snacks as long as their portions are in moderation.
It is applied for 6-7 days, and then a break is made and the results are observed.

What Are the Benefits of the Oat Diet?

Oats are a complete health store with plenty of fiber. For this reason, it is frequently included in different diet programs. For a healthy diet routine, it is recommended by experts to consume it in moderation. Generally oat diet benefitscan be listed as follows:

Provides long-term satiety.
It facilitates weight loss.
It is an effective food in preventing stomach and intestinal problems.
It facilitates the work of the digestive system and accelerates digestion.
It relieves discomforts that prevent weight loss such as constipation, bloating or indigestion.
It is another known benefit of keeping blood sugar in balance.
It reduces the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer.
It provides energy to the body in the right way.
It reduces mood disorders such as stress.

Is It Possible to Lose Weight with the Oat Diet?

Oats on its own allow a person to eat less, thanks to its high satiety. For this reason, oatmeal nutrition programs provide effective and permanent weight loss.

Oat diet slimming rate With an oat diet complete with the right foods, it is about 5 kilos in a week. Water plays an important role in the diet program for this 5 kilos.

How Many Calories Are in Cooked Oats?

oat diet Due to the fact that oats are a high-calorie food, it confuses people who will diet. When choosing a diet program, it should be considered that the diet is both effective and healthy.

Oats are often added to diet programs due to the nutrients they contain. For this reason, it is recommended to cook oats to reduce their calories.

raw and cooked oat caloriesis as follows:

Raw oats: 351kcal/100g
Cooked oats: 71 kcal/100g

Oat Diet Sample List

Oatmeal nutrition programs have many different versions. best known oat diet sample listcreated as follows:


In half a glass of skim milk; half a glass of oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of raisins, half a teaspoon of cinnamon
1 cup of unsweetened tea, herbal tea or coffee with it


half a cup of blueberries


In half a glass of non-fat yogurt; ½ cup of oatmeal and one banana


Boiled vegetables equal to half a cup of broccoli or broccoli as calorie value


1 piece of grilled chicken breast
Fat-free and salt-free salad prepared from seasonal greens
Half cup of oatmeal


Sugar-free pudding or jelly.

Porridge Recipe

When oats are consumed raw and plain, they give a more unpleasant eating feeling compared to other foods. oat dietCooking the oats to be used in it facilitates its consumption.

It is enough to mix oats with various fruits to make it delicious. Sample oatmeal recipeis as follows:


2 tablespoons of oats
1 teaspoon of skim milk
1 small banana, half a kiwi and 4 strawberries
1 teaspoon of honey


Milk, oats and crushed banana are taken into a pan. It is ensured to get a consistency by stirring continuously over low heat.
After it reaches the consistency of porridge, it is taken from the stove. Chop kiwi and strawberries on it.
It is sweetened with honey and its image is beautified.

As a result

Oatmeal is effective to include in any healthy diet. It will improve your heart health and overall health. If done properly, the oatmeal diet can be an effective way to lose weight.

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