The world talks about a new trend in healthy eating: Intuitive Eating

Individuals who consume rapidly without being aware of what they eat in the developing new world order and the intense rush of rapidly growing daily life, and the increasing daily food consumption with fast snacks made just for the sake of being satiated, lay the foundations of a new and unhealthy society. Most of the time, our eating habits, which unconsciously and quickly consume the daily meal just to have eaten, and which are becoming more and more automatic, bring new problems to the surface.

The food and portion we eat with these instant behaviors that we do quickly, unconsciously and automatically; While our mental flow is at other points, we consume quickly, without focusing on food, by thinking about other things. As a result of all these paired behaviors, ‘excess weight’, which is a common problem for everyone, occurs.

A brand new trend is emerging in healthy nutrition literature.

The world is discussing a brand new trend regarding the deteriorating eating habits of individuals who have difficulty in staying in the moment as the accelerating daily life focuses on living in the moment: “Intuitive eating”

With the “Intuitive Eating” trend, which is a trend all over the world, it is now possible to prevent excess weight and unconscious consumption. Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Center Esteticium Specialist Dietitian Seba Sarıtepe applies the ‘Intuitive Eating’ discipline to people in Turkey. Saritepe;

For example; We can eat even if we are not hungry by putting ourselves in the pattern of “Lunch is eaten between twelve and one”. We adapt to that pattern and act accordingly. However, using our intuitive impulses, we must learn to eat again when we are hungry. Because of our disturbed intuitions, when a person eats, they do not realize that they are full or hungry.

This is where intuitive nutrition comes into play.

The ‘Grape Exercise’ that teaches Intuitive Eating

‘Intuitive Nutrition’, which has become a new trend all over the world, enables individuals to consume food with awareness. In this way, individuals who also take control of their weight turn into intuitive eaters. Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Center Esteticium Specialist Dietician Seba Sarıtepe, who applied the Grape Exercise, which teaches intuitive nutrition, to individuals for the first time in Turkey, used the following statements:

“The ‘Grape Exercise’, which provides intuitive nutrition, is an exercise that also allows you to stay in the moment and realize this. This exercise is done with simple steps. First of all, the person eats another grape very quickly after holding a grape in his mouth for long minutes with the expert of the subject. This exercise is repeated many times. When it is eaten slowly, the person realizes, “What is the difference, what is its appearance, how is the texture on it, what is its color?” and consumes the grape by examining it. The purpose here is to realize the consumption of a food as in the meditation principle. and conscious nutrition. Especially people in a busy business life can change their fast eating habits with these exercises. The awareness message that is wanted to be given to the person with the grape exercise allows us to make our behaviors a habit. The more this exercise is done, the more it makes a difference in the behavior habits of the person. “

Mentioning the importance of intuitive nutrition for those who spend their life on diet and calorie calculation, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Center Esteticium Specialist Dietician Seba Sarıtepe; ‘Intuitive eating is very poor in people who have dieted and lost too much weight. People with weight problems and dieting usually act by calculating calories in the meals they eat. The feelings we call the Food Police in the inner voices of those who eat too many calories in their own minds are activated and the person starts to blame himself. In intuitive eating, eating is allowed unconditionally. Prohibitions generally lead people to eat. The purpose here is to make each person an intuitive eater by feeding intuitively, by making the person realize the taste and feel of the food and whether the amount he eats will be enough for him.

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