Things to know about the Candida Diet

For the Candida diet, the nutrition program consisting of 3 main and 3 snacks is made as follows:

Stage 1: In the first stage of the diet, a diet free of foods that will prevent the proliferation of candida fungus is applied. For this reason, consumption of sugar, white flour, yeast and alcohol is strictly prohibited. Processed foods and fruits containing sugar are restricted at this stage. In general, the 1st stage nutrition program; It is mainly composed of vegetables and protein.
Stage 2: At this stage, the rule of not consuming prohibited foods continues. Foods such as sauerkraut, yogurt and kefir, which are high in probiotics, are added to the diet. Stage 2 nutrition program should be continued until the symptoms of candida fungus disappear.
Stage 3: At this stage, prohibited foods can be gradually included in the nutrition program. Thus, it is possible to gradually return to the normal feeding routine. The fruits are released at this stage.

What Are the Symptoms of Candida Fungus?

in public candida fungus The type of fungus known as the fungus is basically a type of fungus that facilitates the digestion process and helps the intestines. The fungal species, whose full name is candida albians, has a habitat in areas such as the mouth, skin, toenails and vagina, apart from the intestines. Increasing fungus causes easy fatigue, rapid weight gain, joint pain and digestive problems such as indigestion. The symptoms that a person can understand the increase of candida fungus are as follows:

Chronic fatigue and tiredness
Increasing forgetfulness and focusing problems,
Immune system weakness,
Various problems in the digestive system,
Fungal infections on the skin and vagina,
sinus infections,
Conditions such as joint pains and low mood.

How Much Weight Does the Candida Diet Lose?

Candida nutrition program It is not a diet routine for weight loss. Its main purpose is to reduce the increased candida fungus and restore a healthy body system. It provides weight loss due to the restrictions it contains. However, since this weight loss may differ from person to person, there is no common reference range.

What are the Candida Diet Principles?

Changing one’s eating habits all of a sudden is not an easy change. candida diet Taking this into account, it determines 5 principles and enables the person to make the diet more enjoyable. This candida principlesis as follows:

Stability: The most important step in diet programs is determination. For this reason, the basic principle of the candida program is stability. The increase of the Candida albians fungus harms the person’s body. For this reason, it should be remembered that it is a body that needs to be saved and the diet should be applied with determination.
Time: Nutrition program change takes time. For this reason, it is recommended to take time to implement the nutrition program correctly.
Observation: Diets cover ongoing processes. Therefore, the deficiencies of the body should be observed during the process. The body gives sudden symptoms in mineral and vitamin deficiency. These symptoms should be observed, followed, and the nutrition program should be updated to make up for the deficiencies.
Change: Consuming the same type of food makes the person bored and gets used to the digestive system. For this reason, it is recommended to make changes in the products allowed by the diet from time to time. In addition, different nutritional routines prevent boredom from the diet.
Supplementation: The diet recommends probiotic supplementation to strengthen the nutrition program. Kefir, yoghurt and homemade pickles that are high in probiotics should be included in the diet.

What Foods Are Free on the Candida Diet?

Candida offers more options in terms of freedom than other diets. Foods that are free on the Candida dietis as follows:

Vegetables that do not contain starch,
Restricted grain products (oat bran, quinoa, buckwheat, chia and flaxseed),
Useful oils (such as olive oil, flax oil),
Unlimited types of herbs and spices,
Dairy products (especially kefir and yogurt),
Foods containing high protein
Limited fruit consumption (avocado, lemon and lime)

What Foods Are Forbidden In The Candida Diet?

candida dietThe banned list has been prepared with the aim of an easy digestion process. Foods prohibited in the Candida dietis as follows:

Cereals (rye, barley, rice, white flour and wheat),
Dairy products (cream, milk, cheese and whey),
Meat group (pork, sausage, salami, sausage, shellfish and swordfish),
Harmful oils (anola oil, sunflower oil, maragarine and soybean oil),
Various sauces (like ketchup, mayonnaise).

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