Victory of determination: He lost 60 kilos in 11 months He said “Now I work silently like an electric car”

Selcuk Soyal, 51, who was a minibus driver in the Taşova district of Amasya, decided to get rid of his excess weight. The man who started diet and sports lost 60 kilos in 11 months. Stating that it works silently like an electric car, Soyal said, ” When I went to the army in 1989, I weighed seventy kilograms. After returning from the military, I gained fifteen kilograms and returned from the military with eighty-five kilograms. I reached the last 145 kilos because we are always sitting at the wheel as we carry passengers due to our profession and we are over fifty years old. We can tolerate excess weight when we are younger, but after the age of fifty, I started to have difficulty in walking with joint pain, as well as my comfort of life such as sleep apnea, snoring and not being able to sleep comfortably. In the previous years, I made an effort to lose weight many times, I lost about fifteen kilos as a result of many efforts, when I quit, I regained the same weight after a while. Weight loss should be a long-term effort, because I was not successful in losing weight, I decided to have a surgical operation.” said.

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Stating that surgery alone is not a solution to lose weight, Soyal said, “However, I paid attention to three things: eating less, taking small bites and chewing a lot, as well as doing sports such as walking, sit-ups and jumping rope as exercise. Before losing weight 145 kilos. I was coming, I lost about 60 kilos in 11 months and now I am 85 kilos.

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“I feel more rested”

Stating that he returned to a comfortable life after losing weight, Soyal said, ” Now I can walk very comfortably, I can run, and the best thing is that I don’t have any joint pain. I had snoring before, now I feel like an electric car, I can sleep in a quiet and very comfortable sleep. When I wake up from sleep, I wake up refreshed. After losing weight, I feel like I was born again. My self-confidence has come back, I am very comfortable and happy as my walking and life comfort has come back.” he said.

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