Weight loss vinegar recipe from Feridun Kunak! Vinegar recipe for weight loss with winter fruits

The popular name of the screens, Op. Dr. Feridun Kunak, ‘Dr. He gave a recipe for vinegar that both weakens and keeps you fit with winter fruits in the program ‘Heal Your Home with Feridun Kunak’. How to make a weight loss vinegar recipe with winter fruits? We share with you the vinegar recipe that can be applied by people who want to get rid of their extra weight.


Vinegar is one of the miracle foods that is a natural source of healing and is also used in the treatment of many diseases. Recently, it has been preferred by many people who want to lose weight in the detox effect. Vinegar, which can be diluted and drunk in order to have a rapid effect on the body and increase its effectiveness, is also included in different mixtures. There are also those who drink vinegar in the morning on an empty stomach and those who prepare the body to purify it from toxins before going to bed. Dr. Feridun Kunak has prepared a wonderful vinegar recipe for those who gain weight during the coronavirus period. Here is the vinegar recipe that makes you lose weight with winter fruits full of healing with ingredients that can be found in every home…



  • 5 liter jar
  • 5 peeled oranges
  • 2 peeled lemons
  • 2 cups boiled chickpeas
  • 3 sticks of cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon of rock salt
  • Half a glass of yeast vinegar
  • water as much as possible


For this recipe, which you can easily make with the ingredients at home, first peel the oranges and cut them in half. After cutting off the top part, squeeze the oranges lightly and place them in the jar.

Squeeze the juice of 2 lemons in the same way and put them in the jar.

Boil the chickpeas separately. Place the boiled chickpeas in the jar.

Then add 3 sticks of cinnamon.

Add 1 tablespoon of rock salt.

Then put the indispensable yeast and vinegar in half a glass.

After you put all the materials, you need to top up with water.

Top up with 4 liters of water.

Finally, cover the mouth with a clean cloth and put a rubber band around it. For fermentation to happen, you must put rubber.

That’s it… Bon appetit…

EXTRA INFORMATION: Vinegar will be in 10-15 days. Check frequently to prevent mold. If there is mold on it, get it.


After 15-20 days, open the jar and filter the vinegar.

After straining, you can open it and drink it as a cup in the morning and evening.

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