Weight loss with palm diet from dietitian Nilay Keçeci! How to lose weight with palm diet?

As we enter the winter season, you can get rid of your excess weight with the palm diet of famous dietitian Nilay Keçeci. You can enter the winter healthy with this program, which will be especially useful for those who are constantly hungry and those who have difficulty in dieting. So how to lose weight with the palm diet? Here we share the palm diet and slimming secrets from the famous dietitian Nilay Keçeci.

Are you one of those who say, “It gets harder to lose weight as the weather gets colder”? Yes, as the weather gets colder, our body needs more energy and the stomach sends “hunger” signals to the brain more often. We move less; Maybe because we are in less contact with the sun, vitamin D deficiency occurs in our body. Regardless of the reason, it is possible to lose weight with a well-arranged diet program during the winter months. Expert Dietitian Nilay feltci Arpacı talks about the points that make it easier to lose weight in a healthy way during the winter months.



Nutrition is something that can vary from person to person. The rules for healthy eating are clear; but it also needs to be balanced according to the person in order for it to be considered proper nutrition.

For this, the first step is to forget the standard concepts imposed on the diet, such as the matchbox. These are expressions that distract the person from the diet and even turn healthy eating into a nightmare.

Whether it is a cheese, meat or vegetable food group, if a unit of measurement is required, the palm size can be taken as a basis.

The palm ratio helps you both eat healthy and lose weight from fat. In this way, you do not need to have detailed information such as the calorie values ​​of foods while on a diet.

The size of the food group you consume is as big as your own palm is enough for a balanced diet. This way you can control your meal portions.

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Nilay Kececi


While dieting, you should add foods that help burn fat to your nutrition plan. For example; like dill. While dill regulates hormonal values ​​and helps to burn fat, it also provides a feeling of satiety. You can also increase your fat burning by adding quince to your nutrition plan in the winter months, as it is very filling. Grapefruit is also an important fruit from the citrus family that helps burn fat. Enzymes in its content support the breakdown of sugar in the body and accelerate metabolism.

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How to do a palm diet


The most important purpose of the diet is to provide a feeling of satiety and to lose weight without keeping the person away from the diet. For this reason, the diet should be brought to a plan that is suitable for the individual. It will also be sustainable when brought to the appropriate plan. For example; It would not be right to impose broccoli on someone who does not like broccoli. If he eats it one day, the person will stay away from the diet because he doesn’t like it the second day. For this, it is necessary to create food alternatives that will have the same effect according to the person. Creating food diversity is also an important part of sustainable diets. Therefore, uniform feeding cannot be recommended. In order to lose weight in a healthy way, foods from each food group should be consumed in sufficient quantities. Milk, meat, legumes, vegetables, grains and fat group foods should be taken in a balanced way.

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When we say SUS, of course, we are not talking about not speaking here. We are talking about a rule that should now become a way of life. “Water, Sleep and Sport”.Although these 3 items seem quite simple, they are important steps in losing weight.

Water Consumption, should be around 2 liters per day. Of course, you can consume beverages such as tea and coffee; but do not count it in this ratio.

Sleep patterns and sleep quality is very important for our body to function systematically. Remember, too little or too much sleep will return to you as edema. For this, 7-8 hours of sleep a day will be enough for you.

70-80% of the weight loss process is diet, 20-30 percent is sports. Start dieting first; but make sure to support it with sports. “I can’t spare time for sports” don’t say it and set a fitness routine for yourself. Try to walk every day, even if it is at least 40 minutes apart from your daily movement tempo.

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