What causes belly fat? Super effective cure recipe that removes belly fat

We have compiled effective methods that you can do at home to prevent belly fat, which is one of the most problematic areas of women! When looking for ways to have a flat stomach, it is useful to try the consumption of cucumber tea. The recipe for cucumber tea, which burns belly fat quickly, is in the details of the news. So what causes belly fat? How to melt belly fat? Cure recipe that melts belly fat…

The excess around the belly, where the foods we eat remain as direct fat in our body, are the nightmare of women who want to look slim and fit. According to the statements of the World Health Organization, waist size of 80 cm for women and 94 cm for men is the most important precursor of chronic diseases. Belly fat, which is the most problematic area for women who are extremely sensitive and obsessive about their appearance, can be eliminated with a healthy diet and regular abdominal exercises. Stating that the consumption of unhealthy junk food causes belly fat, experts point out that a balanced and healthy diet is essential to prevent belly fat. In addition to a healthy diet, spices that prevent belly fat, herbal teas and effective cure recipes can be applied and healthy results can be obtained. If you want to get rid of belly fat permanently, you need to show great patience. Because no matter how much nutrition is taken care of, even if you get rid of fat, it is much more important to maintain this form.


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While more than half of the fat in belly fat remains under the skin, the rest is in the abdomen. While the fat under the skin can be easily melted with regular and effective exercises, the fat in the abdomen can be a little more troublesome. If the fat tissue in the belly is filled with more than it should be, the increased parts are carried to the liver and cause liver fattening, which can be a serious condition. In this situation, which causes the muscles to not perform their duties properly, health is negatively affected in many ways, and it does not lead to an aesthetically pleasing appearance. You can prevent getting fat with healthy cure recipes that you can apply with the approval of a doctor to burn belly fat.


Good news for those who are looking for an easy way to get rid of belly fat! You can get rid of your excess weight with detox waters. We have prepared a drink that melts the belly fat quickly for you. Here is the recipe…


-2 liters of water,

-1 medium cucumber, sliced

– mint leaves,

-1 lemon,

-1 teaspoon of ginger

Preparation of:

Mix all ingredients into 2 liters of water. Leave it overnight until morning. Then drink this water during the day. Drinking this water regularly will save you from belly fat. Also, pay attention to a balanced diet.


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The most important reason for the increase in fat around the abdomen is due to carbohydrate-based foods. If the body has a lot of fat in the abdomen, the amount of fat in the abdomen will increase depending on the consumption of carbohydrate foods.

In periods when the consumption of carbohydrates, doughy foods and sugary foods increases, abdominal fat will increase rapidly.

Cucumber Tea Recipe That Melts Belly Fat

You will notice the change in a short time with cucumber tea, which comes to the rescue of those who want to get rid of belly fat.


1 sliced ​​fresh cucumber
1 sliced ​​lemon
1 teaspoon grated ginger
10-12 sprigs of fresh mint
5-6 sprigs of fresh parsley


Throw all the ingredients we mentioned into 1 liter of water the night before. When your stomach is hungry, consume a glass in the morning and evening.


Consuming cucumber, which consists of greens with low calorie value, as tea will cut your appetite as it will give you a feeling of satiety. This will reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fats, which will trigger lubrication, and will burn the fat in the body.

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