What is Mono Diet, How Is It Made? How to Prepare a Mono Diet List?

Mono diet list Although it promises to lose weight in a short time, the fact that only one food group is included in this diet list makes it difficult for those who follow the diet program to cope with the weight control process. In case of overcoming difficulties in implementation most successful dietsmono diet, which is at the top of the list;

  • 3 days,
  • 7 days

It can be applied in such processes.

What Are the Harms of Mono Diet?

although effective dietAlthough it is a popular diet type among its recommendations, the harms of mono diet should not be ignored:

  • Physiological disturbances such as weakness and fatigue can be seen during the diet.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals can cause health problems due to lack of a balanced diet.
  • Problems such as forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, attention deficit and excessive irritability can be observed.
  • Despite the rapid weight loss, it can be gained quickly if it is not taken care of after the diet.

mono diyet listesi

How to Prepare a Mono Diet List?

Prepared from 4 different food groups single nutrient diet list shared for you below. If you do not comply with the durations of the diets in the diets in the list, you may have to deal with health problems due to unbalanced nutrition.

  • Soup Diet:In this list, which is applied with low-calorie soups such as vegetable soup, apart from consuming soup at every meal for 7 days;
    • Unsweetened green tea and Turkish coffee can be consumed.
    • Nothing to eat or drink after 7pm.
    • Fruits can be consumed except bananas and grapes.
    • Plenty of water should be consumed throughout the diet.
  • Bread Diet: Vegetable-free diet listProvided that you apply this list, also known as mono diet lists, which is the easiest to apply for 3 days;
    • A maximum of 12 thin slices of whole wheat bread should be consumed per day.
    • Bread can be fried and consumed by spreading butter thinly.
    • Nothing should be eaten after 7pm.
    • Plenty of water should be consumed throughout the diet.
    • Unsweetened Turkish coffee and green tea can be drunk.
  • Yogurt Diet:In this diet, which will be applied for 7 days, you can notice the effects of the diet in a short time by consuming yogurt in every main meal.
    • cholesterol holders,
    • Kidney disease owners

This program should not be implemented.

  • Fruit-Vegetable Diet:In this list to be applied for 7 days;
    • Plenty of water should be consumed throughout the diet.
    • The program should be enriched with snacks along with the main meals.

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