What is okra seed, how to use okra seed to lose weight?

You can lose weight with okra seed, which is one of the popular methods applied to lose weight. The secret of losing weight in healthy and natural ways is in the okra seed! So, does okra seed weaken? How to use okra seed?

Known to be beneficial for health, okra is one of the miracle food sources that should be included in our nutrition program with its rich mineral and vitamin support. Okra, which is recommended to be consumed by experts due to its positive effects on the body, facilitates weight loss in diet as well as health. When you soak the fresh okra, which has been properly cleaned and sorted, in water with lemon, you will see that the food looks more pleasant. It is miraculous in terms of health and it is known that it only helps to lose weight. In other words, you can both protect your health and accelerate the slimming process with fresh okra that you will support your diet program. If you do not like okra, which has a light hairy structure, but you want to take advantage of its benefits, another alternative is okra seed. As the name suggests, the small seeds that emerge when a normal okra is opened are called okra seeds. The benefits of okra seed and the use of okra seed to lose weight:

BENEFITS OF Okra SEED! DOES Okra weaken the seeds?

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Okra seed, which can be consumed by those who want to lose weight, is a food that can be preferred in the diet due to its fibrous structure. It is known that approximately 100 grams of okra seeds have a value of 30-40 kcal. Okra seed, which makes you feel full for a long time, contributes to the disappearance of edema and swelling due to its diuretic effect with its high potassium feature.


Antioxidant substances such as procyanidin, epicatechin and quercetin in okra seeds, which have high fiber value, prevent diabetes from occurring.

It contributes to the regular functioning of the stomach and intestines.

The beneficial substances in it are effective in balancing cholesterol in the body.


Okra seed coffee: After grinding and roasting the okra seed, you can cook and consume it like drinking Turkish coffee.

Soaking method: You can soak the okra seeds in water until the morning, then boil the water and consume it.

In the form of paste: You can pollinate the okra seeds, mix them with olive oil and honey and turn them into a paste, and consume 1 teaspoon during the day.


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