What is the Green Tea Diet, How is it Made? From Taylan Kümeli

green tea diet In addition to losing weight, it offers the practitioner the opportunity to detox. Known as a rich source of antioxidants, green tea has the effect of accelerating metabolism by purifying the body from toxins. Green tea, which does not have any drawbacks in its consumption in a controlled way, should not be consumed more than 5 cups in a day.

How to Consume Green Tea for Weight Loss?

It is not possible to mention that the consumption of green tea alone creates miracles in weight loss as well as the detox effect. Although it speeds up the metabolism how to drink green tea to lose weight It is recommended that people who ask the question add green tea to their diet programs. Green tea should be taken naturally from herbalists, brewed fresh and consumed, and care should be taken to consume it without sugar during the weight loss process.

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Green Tea Diet Program from Taylan Kümeli

Losing weight with green tea diet The recipes of Taylan Kümeli, who is known for his Youtube videos, come to the fore, along with his duties as a corporate dietitian in the process of getting rid of excess weight. called the Friday diet Taylan Cluster green tea diet They state that they lose weight in 3 days to the people who apply it. For the diet, the following 3-day nutrition program is followed, and every morning when you wake up, a glass of warm water should be added to a slice of lemon, sliced ​​apple, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and cinnamon stick.

Green Tea Diet List

  • Day:
    • Breakfast: 1 slice of rye bread, 1 matchbox size low-fat feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, seasonal greens, and 2 or 3 cups of unsweetened green tea
    • Snack: 1 green apple and 5 hazelnuts, 2 hours after breakfast
    • Lunch: Tomato noodle soup and olive oil carrot, potato and corn salad
    • Snack: 1 teaspoon of lactose-free milk with cinnamon ginger, 1 diet biscuit
    • Snack: 1 green apple and 5 hazelnuts
    • Dinner: Green salad with chicken, meat or fish
  • Day:
    • Breakfast: 1 glass of warm water with lemon slice, 1 slice of pineapple, 1 teaspoon of flaxseed and 3 tablespoons of oatmeal
    • Snack: 1 pear and 2 to 3 cups of unsweetened green tea
    • Lunch: Vegetable soup
    • Snack: 1 portion of plum 1 cup of green tea
    • Snack: Half a slice of cheese toast
    • Dinner: Vegetable meal and nonfat yogurt
  • Day:
    • Breakfast: 1st day breakfast program
    • Snack: 1 wholemeal biscuit and 1 medium pomegranate
    • Lunch: 200 grams of non-fat yogurt and vegetable meal
    • Snack: 1 wholemeal biscuit, 1 matchbox of low-fat feta cheese, tomatoes and 1 cup of unsweetened green tea
    • Snack: Half a slice of cheese toast
    • Dinner: 150 grams of red and white meat, 1 plate of legumes and greens salad

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