What is the Karatay diet, how is it done? Healthy and fast losing weight Karatay diet

While you can maintain your form naturally with the Karatay diet, which is the most popular healthy weight loss diet of recent times, the harmful shock diets you can choose can be harmful to your health. What is the Karatay diet? How to make weight loss Karatay diet? What are the weightless breakfast recipes from Canan Karatay? How to have breakfast on a diet? Questions to be answered with the healthy and fast weakening Karatay diet

The Karatay diet, which can also be defined as the ‘Canan Karatay’ diet, is one of the healthiest nutrition programs preferred by women who want to lose weight. Women who lose weight with fast and unhealthy methods and return to their old weight in a short time may not want to diet again after these negative experiences and may be unhappy as a result of their disappointment. According to the statements of experts, it is of course possible to lose weight naturally and not be hungry. Canan Karatay, one of the first names that comes to mind when we talk about healthy nutrition, not only gives tips on how to lose weight in a healthy way, but also tells us how we can protect our health by avoiding unhealthy foods. Thanks to the Karatay diet, which is formed by the combination of satiating foods that do not make us hungry easily during the day, you will be able to create a healthy nutrition routine for yourself without regaining the weight you have lost. As in every diet, there are some rules that you must follow in the Karatay diet. In order to get the most effective results in a strict weight loss program, where not only a healthy diet is sufficient, but you can also support this with regular exercise movements, you should proceed with a doctor’s control. You can learn all the details of the Karatay diet, which women search for the most and wonder about the result, from the continuation of the news…


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Weekend breakfasts, which are especially looked forward to by working people, are enough to satisfy both the stomach and the heart with a variety of alternatives. It can be difficult to maintain weight control while having a good diet with a wide variety of foods that lack a bird’s milk at breakfast tables. prof. Canan Karatay lists the low-calorie, filling foods that can be consumed for breakfast in order not to gain weight as follows:

1. ALTERNATIVE: Parsley, dill, carrot, pink radish, olives, cheese, paprika, boiled egg, blueberries, almonds and black grapes.

2. ALTERNATIVE: Mushroom and cheese omelette, green pepper, carrot, cucumber tomato, zucchini sautéed with yoghurt, cheese, almonds, fresh and raisins, spicy olive oil

3. ALTERNATIVE: Boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, dill, pepper, olive, chechil cheese, almond and hazelnut

4. ALTERNATIVE: Omelet, cheese, olives, almonds, raisins, radishes, carrots and fresh greens

5. ALTERNATIVE: Boiled eggs, green onions, dill, parsley, lettuce, cucumber, cheese, avocado, olives, almonds and walnuts.

6. ALTERNATIVE: Cheese, olives, eggs, greens, carrots, cold meatballs, almonds, carrots and peanuts. If you wish, dried apricots rubbed with cream.


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– The most important meal of the Karatay diet is a protein-based breakfast when you wake up in the morning. You should not choose fatty foods such as sesame bagels, pastries or rolls for breakfast.

– The recommended number of meals for a healthy diet list is 2. It is recommended to remove snacks.

– Since it will be difficult to completely remove sugar and salt consumption from life, it can be consumed in very small amounts instead of suddenly cutting it off.

– The fluid needed by the body should be met by consuming 2-3 liters of water daily.

– When you enter the kitchen to eat, the food should be cooked at low temperatures for a long time.

– Acidic drinks should not be strictly allowed.


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Instead of having a different food between meals, you can drink unsweetened tea, ayran or lemon.

Use extra virgin olive oil and natural butter and avoid sunflower oil and corn oil.

Legumes and bulgur that comply with the rules can be eaten for lunch or dinner.

Bread should not be eaten for breakfast, eggs, which are rich in protein, should be made a habit and consumed.

Unprocessed nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds can be consumed as they are satiating.


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sugary foods,

Rice and rice dishes,

artificial sweeteners,

Foods from bread and other grain groups.

Roasted Nuts,

Ready-made fruit yoghurts.

If you consume potatoes in a normal life, you should definitely not consume them in order not to regain the weight you lose.


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Diet list to lose 5 kilos in 2 weeks:


2 eggs cooked to the consistency of soft-boiled or apricot or cheese omelet or menemen made with butter
8-10 green or black olives
A small teaspoon of walnuts
A handful of feta cheese
4-5 day dried apricots
Unsweetened tea or water


A handful of veal cold cuts
Beans with olive oil
Salad made from seasonal vegetables (Natural vinegar, lemon and extra virgin olive oil can be added. If salt is to be used, a small amount of crystal rock salt should be used.)
One glass of unsalted buttermilk


One serving of fish (Grilled or steamed)
Salad from seasonal vegetables (Flaxseed can be added)


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1 day

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, tomatoes, feta cheese, hazelnuts, peanuts, unsweetened tea

Lunch: Bean meal with olive oil, boiled chicken breast, a green salad, unsweetened tea.

Snack: Almonds, hazelnuts, roasted chickpeas can be eaten upon request.

Evening: Fish, green salad with lemon, buttermilk, 1 sweet stone of flaxseed

2 days

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, tomatoes, feta cheese, hazelnuts, peanuts, unsweetened tea

Snack: 1 handful of almonds can be consumed upon request.

Lunch: 3-4 lamb chops, green salad and ayran

Snack: 1 pear

Dinner: Red bean stew, grilled fish, 1 banana

3 days

Breakfast: Menemen or omelet with 2 eggs in butter, tomatoes, feta cheese, sweet red pepper, pistachios, herbal tea.

Snack : Unsalted peanuts or herbal tea can be consumed.

Lunch: 3-4 grilled meatballs, green beans with olive oil, 1 bowl of yoghurt, green salad or radish and carrot salad, 1 teaspoon of flaxseed.

Snack : If you are hungry, an apple or pear, or 1 bowl of yogurt

Dinner: 3-4 grilled lamb chops or regular size beef tenderloin, artichokes with olive oil or fresh broad beans, a seasonal salad with plenty of greens, 1 teaspoon of flaxseed

4 days

Breakfast: 2 egg omelet with butter and cheese, 8-10 unsalted olives, a little feta cheese, cucumber, parsley, green tea (or other favorite herbal tea)

Snack: Although not mandatory, 1 handful of unsalted peanuts or almonds can be consumed.

Lunch: One regular size beef tenderloin or 3-4 pieces of lamb chops, one plate of leeks with olive oil (take care not to eat the juice), 1 whole tomato, 1 bowl of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of flaxseed.

Snack : If you get hungry, a small orange or a seasonal fruit can be consumed. Along with these, a handful of unsalted peanuts or almonds are among the options.

Dinner: Grilled fish, red onion, radish, arugula, carrot and brussel sprouts salad, accompanied by red kidney beans with olive oil.

5 days

Breakfast: 2 egg omelet with butter and cheese, 8-10 unsalted olives, a little feta cheese, cucumber, parsley, green tea (or other favorite herbal tea)

Snack: 1 handful of walnuts can be consumed upon request.

Lunch: A portion of shish kebab without pita and rice, a salad with lots of greens, a bowl of yogurt.

Snack : If you get hungry, you can eat an apple, a handful of peanuts.

Evening: 3-4 lamb chops, seasonal green salad, artichokes with olive oil or purslane salad with yoghurt can be consumed if you wish.

6 days

Breakfast: Fried eggs with bacon, 8-10 unsalted olives, a little feta cheese, cucumber, parsley, green tea (or other favorite herbal tea), a handful of pistachios.

Snack: 1 handful of walnuts can be consumed upon request.

Lunch: Grilled regular size beef tenderloin, plenty of green salad, a teaspoon of flaxseed oil, ayran.

Snack : If you are hungry, you can consume a small orange or apple, or you can spend this meal with unsweetened green tea.

Dinner: Grilled fish, arugula, tomato and green onion salad, plain tahini halvah the size of 2 matchboxes.

7 days

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs or cheese omelet with bacon, 8-10 unsalted olives, a little feta cheese, cucumber, parsley, green tea (or other favorite herbal tea), a handful of walnuts

Snack: You can consume 1 handful of walnuts, if desired.

Lunch : 1 plate of dehydrated dried beans, 1 regular-sized grilled beef tenderloin or steak, shepherd’s salad

Snack : If you get hungry, you can eat a handful of peanuts.

Dinner: Grilled fish, salad with arugula, tomatoes and fresh green onions, roasted fresh red peppers.


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Canan Karatay, who stated in the book of Ibn-i Sina, one of the most famous names in the medical world in the past, that it is the healthiest to eat 2 meals a day, supported Ibn Sina’s explanations by stating that eating regularly increases insulin resistance. Pointing out that the peak of insulin values ​​causes uncontrolled cell formation, Karatay stated that (hyperplasia) is the preliminary stage of cancer.

Emphasizing the importance of staying away from packaged foods for a healthy and natural diet, he emphasized that trans fats to be consumed trigger cancer, so we should stay away from such unhealthy foods.

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