What is the Montignac Diet, How is it Applied?

Montignac diet, a french nutritionist It is a diet program presented by Michel Montignac. Since it does not have a program based on calorie reduction; It is a diet that can be applied by people who have not lost weight on other diets. glycemic indexIn other words, it has a program that prohibits the consumption of foods with high blood sugar and allows the remaining foods to be consumed more freely.

What Are the Rules of the Montignac Diet?

MontignacSome rules applied in the diet are:

  • The best carbohydrates are low on the glycemic index. carbohydratesTherefore, a choice should be made accordingly.
  • Processed and saturated fats should not be consumed. Since the quality rate of fatty foods is determined by their natural fat content, foods with unsaturated fat sites should be preferred.
  • When making a choice about protein, the ratio of vegetables and meat to each other should be considered.
  • Especially the breakfast meal should not be skipped and a hearty breakfast should be made instead of a snack.
  • Heavy and unhealthy foods should be avoided in the evening.

Montignac Diyeti

How is the Montignac Diet Done?

The 2 phases of the Montignac diet are as follows:

  • Slimming Phase: It is the first stage. Foods to be consumed; Foods with a glycemic index of 35 and below. The amount of protein that a person should consume daily is; It is calculated over 1.3-1.5 times body weight.
  • Rest and Protection Phase: The second phase is the consumption of low-calorie carbohydrates. The goal at this stage is to keep the weight under control. This stage can be continued for the remainder of life.

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