What is the palm diet? Date diet with yogurt that is both healthy and permanently weakening

Dates, which are beneficial for health and mentioned in the Qur’an, facilitate weight loss when eaten with yogurt, which is a source of calcium. The tricks of the date-yogurt diet, where you can lose weight in a completely healthy and natural way, and how to lose weight are in the details! So, does yoghurt with dates really make you lose weight, How to lose weight with dates and yoghurt? Healthy yoghurt and date diet…

In our daily life, we see that one of the parts of the body that women with weight problems complain about is the belly. Palm variety is a fruit, and dates grown in the Arabian Peninsula and Africa are both very tasty and very useful. Dates, which are good against many diseases such as cancer with their rich amount of fiber and vitamins A, C, B1 and B2, are as effective in diet as they are in health. Thanks to its satiating feature, dates, which make it easier to lose weight, become even more effective when consumed with yogurt, and you can consume them as a kind of diet fruit. You can facilitate your weight loss process by including dates, which are known to have positive effects on both health and weight loss, into your nutrition program. Dates, which are mentioned in the Qur’an and are full of healing fruits that Allah (swt) have bestowed upon us, have innumerable benefits for the human body. One of the verses about dates, which is mentioned in many places, is:  “It is He Who created gardens with and without vines, dates and crops with different flavors, olives and pomegranates – similar and dissimilar to each other. Eat of its produce when it yields, and give its due on the day of harvest; don’t waste it. For He does not like the wasteful.”  It is mentioned in verse 141 of Surah An’am . So, how should date and yoghurt be consumed for both health and diet?


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Breakfast: 1 bowl of light non-fat yogurt and 7 dates (with a very small amount of cinnamon)

Lunch: 1 bowl of light nonfat yogurt and 7 dates (with a very small amount of cinnamon)

Dinner: 1 bowl of light non-fat yogurt 7 dates (with a very small amount of cinnamon)


In the weight loss date and yogurt diet, you should consume 21 dates every day. In addition, you should try to eat 3 bowls of yogurt that you buy without fat. With this cure, which you will apply for 1 week, it is very likely that you will achieve the goal of losing 5 kilos. It is necessary to eat 1 bowl of yoghurt and 7 fresh dates for 3 meals in the morning, noon and evening. If you do not consume anything other than these, you can eagerly await the result on the scale.

The yogurt that you will consume in the yogurt diet with dates will keep your stomach full and will also provide your body with protein. Dates, on the other hand, will facilitate digestion with the fibers in it. If you want to benefit from the weight loss feature of dates, you should consume the fresh ones.


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To the base:

2 cups of yellow chickpeas (well-beaten in a mortar)
1.5 tablespoons of date palm extract
1 tablespoon of butter

To the full:

4 cups strained yogurt
1/2 cup of powdered sugar
3 tablespoons of powdered gelatin
5 tablespoons of warm water
1 cup non-fat fresh cottage cheese
2 tablespoons dates (finely chopped)
2 tablespoons of date palm extract

Between and above:

7-8 strawberries (Chopped into rings)
2 kiwis (thinly sliced)
fresh mint leaves


To make the date yoghurt dessert, first dust the chickpeas and fry them with butter. After oiling the cake mold well, put the date pulp into the roasted chickpea mixture and press hard on the base. After mixing the yogurt and sugar well, mix the hot water and gelatin in a glass. Pour the base you made from chickpeas into the yogurt mixture and let it rest in the freezer for 1 hour until it becomes firm.

Take the dates and their extracts with fresh cheese in a mixing bowl and turn them into cream with a mixer. In the meantime, you can use apple juice. Before adding the date mixture to the yogurt dessert, put half of the strawberry and kiwi slices in the frozen yogurt. Then add the remaining fruits and decorate with mint leaves. After waiting for 1 hour in the refrigerator, consume with pleasure.

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– One of the most important reasons for us to consume dates is that it is a fruit mentioned in the Qur’an for its healing properties and that our Prophet (SAV) recommended it to us.

Dates, which should be consumed in large quantities especially during puerperium, help increase the mother’s milk.

– It makes the metabolism work quickly. This way, you will burn calories more easily.

– Strengthens the uterine muscles and reduces labor pains.

– With its high fiber structure, it reduces the risk of bowel and uterine cancer.

– It is very effective against constipation by facilitating digestion.


Thanks to its fibrous structure, dates keep you full and make the intestines work. It also strengthens your immune system and allows you to lose weight in a healthy way. Therefore, it is recommended to be included in diet lists.

Yogurt is a low-calorie source of protein. It is very effective in burning fat and accelerates metabolism. It ensures the removal of fat stored in the body and keeps it full throughout the day.

The third nutrient added to the cure is oats, which is low in calories and keeps you full thanks to its unique nutritional content. Thanks to the protein and various minerals it contains, it meets your body’s daily protein needs. Thanks to these three healthy and slimming foods, you can get rid of your excess weight in a week.

Here is the recipe for the date cure:

Ingredients: 1 bowl of yogurt, 5 spoons of oatmeal, 4 dates

Preparation: Chop the dates and add them to the yogurt. Add the oatmeal to the mixture and mix well. You can consume it before the main meals. You should be careful not to eat excessively fatty, salty and sugary foods.

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