What is the Pioppi diet? The easiest Pioppi diet list for longevity

We see that people living in rural areas, especially Black Sea people, have longer and healthier lives because they grow up in the natural environment. Nutrition is of great importance for a long and healthy life. We investigated how the Pioppi people, known for their long life, were fed and the diet they followed. The secret of a healthy life is the Pioppi diet and its preparation…

Known as the healthiest village in the world, the Pioppi people are among the places where the longest-lived people in Italy live. If you do not want to suffer from health problems throughout life, you should pay attention to regular sports and a healthy diet. Considering that the important step of a healthy and long life is a quality nutrition program, it would be useful to review our nutrition program. So what can we eat to eat healthy? Here is the Pioppi Diet, which can be applied for a healthy life…


When following the Pioppi diet, it is necessary to consume a tablespoon of vinegar at the beginning of the day.


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Breakfast: Just coffee or coconut cream
Lunch: Mushroom omelette, Coconut coffee
Lunch break: Canned oysters, full-fat yogurt with strawberries, a handful of hazelnuts and cinnamon
Dinner: Steak with spinach and avocado slices, 2 squares of dark chocolate, a glass of tea


Breakfast: Coconut coffee only
Lunch: Fried tomatoes and halloumi, vegetable soup in chicken broth, oily fish and coffee with coconut
Evening: Grilled salmon with vegetables, two squares of dark chocolate and a glass of tea


Breakfast: Coconut coffee
Lunch: Full-fat coconut and strawberry yogurt, a handful of hazelnuts, cinnamon, turmeric and coconut coffee


Breakfast: 2 or 3 eggs, fried salmon with avocado, coconut coffee
Lunch: Kefir or coconut smoothie, pinch of cinnamon, turmeric and mint
Evening: Chicken soup made with extra virgin olive oil, coconut bomb (cocoa, cinnamon, coconut oil, coconut cream, hazelnuts) a glass of tea


Breakfast: Eggs with bacon, avocado, coffee with coconut
Lunch: Fish soup
Dinner: Low-calorie pizza, coconut bomb, cup of tea


Breakfast: Omelet with nut butter, strawberries and full-fat yogurt, coffee with coconut
Lunch: Mediterranean salad
Dinner: Fried chicken, sweet potatoes, coconut bombs and a cup of tea


Breakfast: Fried salmon, omelet, avocado, and coconut coffee
Lunch: Kefir or coconut smoothie
Dinner: Cooked trout, vegetables, nuts.


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1 cup of clear tea
1 boiled egg
Half a slice of light white cheese + Half a slice of light cheddar cheese
3-5 unsalted olives, lots of greens, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers.
1 large slice of rye bread


1 Cup of apricot form tea + cinnamon
8-9 unsalted almonds

Noon :

1 portion meal of the day (Get thirsty)
1 small size light yogurt (100 g)
Low-fat green salad with lots of lemon and vinegar
1 small slice of rye bread


6-7 blueberries
2 wholegrain grissini + 1 cup of apricot form tea
1 box of activia yogurt


Tuna / Chicken / Roast Fish / 3 Lean Meatballs / Steak (Only one)
Plenty of curly salad (1 teaspoon of olive oil, lots of lemon and vinegar)
1 small slice of rye bread


10 plums /8-9 cherries / 4 apricots / 3 triangular slices of watermelon / 5 triangular melon slices (One)
1 small glass of cinnamon light milk

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