What should be done to make the basins go away? The most effective diet list that destroys the hips

If you want to get rid of the fat in the hips among the regional slimming diet lists, there is a nutrition list that we can recommend to you. If you want it to look more stylish when you wear trousers, you can adapt to the nutrition list by getting doctor’s approval so that the hips go away. The diet list that melts your hips…

Instead of spending a lot of money on the gym and burning your pockets, how about burning fat at home on the condition of a healthy eating program and regular exercise? If your answer is ‘Yes’ , we have searched for you the secrets of how you can lose weight at home by eating healthy. A correct feeding method; It is a must for both health and effective weight loss. For this, it is best to know the body, to know how much of which food group is needed, and to determine a nutrition chart with dietitian control accordingly. If you complain about the fat in only certain parts of your body, not the whole of your body, you should prefer the recommended diet lists to melt the fat in that area. One of the areas of the body that is seen as excess is the hips that protrude from the sides, especially when trousers are worn. Here we have compiled the recommended diet list for you to completely disappear these hips and look even thinner. Here is the diet list that can be applied to melt the hips…


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The hip area is the area of ​​the body that moves the least and therefore accumulates fat. If you reduce your fat intake and exercise during the day, you can make your hips melt in a short time. In addition to the diet list below, walking for half an hour a day will help you get rid of your excess weight.

Here is the hip-melting diet list:


-1 cup of muesli prepared with low-fat milk

-1 banana


-1 seasonal fruit


-1 serving of boiled vegetables

-1 bowl of yogurt

-1 bowl of green salad

-1 cup of green tea


-1 seasonal fruit


-1 portion of grilled meat

-1 bowl of rocket

-1 cup of green tea


-1 fruit

Note: You should consult a specialist before following the diet.

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