What should we eat while dieting? What should be consumed to lose weight?

One of the most curious things for those who want to have a healthy body is which foods to consume while dieting. Especially in the nutrition programs carried out under the control of many experts recently, the fastest weakening foods are included. So what should I eat while dieting, what should I consume the most to lose weight? Here are all the wonders about the foods that should be consumed during the diet…

You can easily lose weight by consuming the right foods without interrupting your daily routines. While losing weight, the most fat burning and healthy foods should be consumed. Some foods that experts frequently include in their diet lists are rich in fiber and are also very effective in terms of accelerating fat burning. In the right diet list, all nutrients such as meat and meat products, vegetables, fruits, and all nutrients such as fat are required in an adequate and balanced manner. You can look at the content of our news to lose weight with the right foods without the need for shock diets. Here are the foods to eat while dieting…


Milk, yogurt, kefir:

Consuming dairy products, which are very rich in protein, helps to lose weight. Thanks to the calcium in the yogurt, it accelerates the fat burning in your body and also helps to eliminate edema.

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When dieting, it is necessary to consume fruits that are in season. When choosing fruits, it is very important to choose fruits that are not large in your 2 fists. Especially fresh fruits will keep your immune system strong and speed up your metabolism.

Meat, fish, chicken

Chicken and meat products cooked in the oven are indispensable for lunch and dinner in diet lists. At a meal, you need to consume a portion the size of your hand at most.

Raw vegetables and salad

Salads and raw vegetables consumed alongside the main meal in dietitians’ nutrition programs not only accelerate our weight loss, but also prevent you from cheating by keeping you full.


Experts, who state that they should be more careful about carbohydrate consumption, state that a maximum of 2-3 slices of whole wheat or rye bread should be consumed during the day.

cooked vegetables

Vegetables that need to be cooked very little in order not to lose their vitamin should be consumed at least 1 handful every day.

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Water, which does not end with counting benefits for human health, is also indispensable for diet lists. The daily rate of drinking water should be calculated according to the body mass index. Although it is calculated according to weight, daily water intake should be calculated as at least 2 liters while dieting.


As a golden rule, one of the most important details to be considered while dieting is to consume any food that does not exist in the diet. It is very important to consume the nutrients given in a healthy diet list without exaggeration. It is necessary to pay attention to the consumption of tea and coffee in nutrition programs. Daily tea consumption should not exceed 4 glasses, provided that it is clear. Coffee consumption should not exceed 2 cups a day at most.

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