What to do if you eat a lot at iftar? Things to do to avoid gaining weight during Ramadan

You can maintain your form by eating healthy and right, with the number of meals to be consumed during the day from 3 to 2 meals. While some say goodbye to Ramadan with weight gain due to malnutrition, some end up keeping their form and even losing weight. So, how about proper nutrition in Ramadan? What should be considered in sahur and iftar? Ways of not gaining weight in Ramadan:

In Ramadan, when we need to be careful both in terms of health and weight control, mistakes we make unknowingly may cause us to fast more difficult and disrupt our body’s balance and negatively affect our health. For this reason, we should know where we should eat and what we should eat, and we should arrange our iftar and sahur accordingly. So what should we pay attention to this Ramadan? Is there a way to spend Ramadan without gaining weight? What happens if we eat too much at iftar? Ebrar Albayrak, one of the editors of ‘yasemin.com’ , asked the most frequently asked questions about Ramadan to Dietician Fatma Betül Çelebi . Here are those very important explanations from the expert…

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– What should we eat at sahur in order to fast without difficulty? Which foods keep you full at sahur?

First of all, what makes fasting the most difficult is the thirst many people suffer. Therefore, in order to prevent thirst, it is necessary to avoid salty foods, especially olives and cheese. At this point, instead of olives, yoghurt can be consumed instead of walnut cheese.

People who really have water problems can prevent thirst by reducing salt and eating right. I recommend especially protein foods to stay full. The most natural protein for us is the protein of the egg. Such as cheese, yoghurt and dairy products…

– What are the most common nutritional mistakes made during Ramadan?

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One of the biggest mistakes many people make is starving for too long before getting up for suhoor. is fasting. In iftar, too much sugar and oily foods are preferred. I definitely recommend getting up for sahur, drinking plenty of water between iftar and sahur, and choosing a protein and vegetable-based diet.

In addition, it would be a better behavior to stay away from fried foods and to consume fruit or dried fruit instead of dessert.

– What should we do if we miss the measure in iftar?

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When we miss the measure, we should eat a little lighter the next day. Never getting up for sahur should not make up for it. Maybe we can pass it off with tiny breakfast items like a yogurt or oatmeal.

– What are the things that are known to be true but wrong that we do in sahur?

As I said, not getting up for sahur and depending on the person, we think that foods such as meals and pastries can keep you full for a long time.

However, since these foods are mainly carbohydrates, they are not as full as we think. It is necessary to focus more on protein instead of carbohydrate foods.

– How do we keep our form during Ramadan? What are the tricks of not gaining weight during Ramadan?

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While some people lose weight during Ramadan, some people can gain serious weight. At this point, we must get up for sahur to maintain our form. One of the points we will pay attention to in iftar is to take a break for 10 minutes after drinking the soup and increase the feeling of fullness in the stomach. By choosing only one of the iftar meals, we can reduce the calorie value taken unnoticed.

We can recommend having one snack between iftar and sahur. For this snack, instead of dessert with syrup, you can eat milk dessert or ice cream once or twice a week.

– What would you recommend for exercise after iftar?

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We do not recommend heavy exercises for after iftar, especially going to the gym. Because the stomach is already full and this can be dangerous in response to reflux complaints. The best exercise is a half-hour walk after iftar, you can make it easier to burn fat and do your sports.

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