What to eat at iftar so as not to gain weight? Healthy iftar menu not to gain weight

With a feeling of hunger that has lost control, calorie loading that you can do without being aware of it can cause weight that you will regret. In order not to gain weight in Ramadan, you can protect your body health with a healthy iftar menu. Ideal iftar menu not to gain weight:

Fatigue and fatigue, which can be seen with the body being hungry and thirsty for a long time during the day, will also affect the performance of the person negatively. If you want to gain rewards and maintain health in fasting, which is held only for the sake of Allah, you should break your fast with an iftar style in accordance with the sunnah. You can also read the iftar prayer of our Prophet (PBUH), who broke his fast with dates or water, before breaking your fast. When we come to the dimension of healthy nutrition, Expert Dietitian Nilay Keçeci; For the ideal iftar menu, he recommends opening the date with water or dates first and then breaking the fast with a soup that we can take with a ladle of liquid.

Healthy iftar menu from Expert Dietitian Nilay Keçeci:

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