What to eat at sahur so as not to be hungry and thirsty?

It is necessary to pay attention to consuming the right foods in sahur in order to stay fit and maintain an effective fast in Ramadan. So, what to eat and drink at sahur so that you don’t get too thirsty and get hungry quickly during the day? Advice from the expert…

In this process, where we are struggling to reduce the number of epidemic Covid-19 cases and deaths, it has become essential to eat healthy so that our immune resistance does not decrease. In these blessed days of Ramadan, which we describe as ‘the sultan of eleven months’ , it is necessary to be very careful about what we eat and drink, especially in sahur, in order to protect our health and have a comfortable fast. Expert Dietician Nilay Keçeci, who said that fasting before sahur has positive effects on neither weight loss nor health, touched on very important points that should be considered for a healthy sahur menu.

Healthy sahur menu suggestions from Expert Dietitian Nilay Keçeci…


– 2 slices of bread

– 2 slices of Cheese

– 2 eggs

– 2 walnuts

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