When is the most accurate result in weighing in Ramadan? When to weigh yourself while fasting

With the arrival of Ramadan, the eating pattern also changes. Many people who change their eating patterns lose or gain weight in the process. Those who are trying to lose weight are also looking for the right weight to lose weight in a healthy and regular way. So, when should we weigh in order to see the most accurate result in Ramadan? Here is the best time to weigh yourself in Ramadan…

Many people complain of gaining weight due to the change in diet and slowing of metabolism while fasting during Ramadan. Uncontrolled frying, pastries, sweets and fatty meat dishes consumed instead of healthy foods for 30 days cause weight gain. In this process, many people who do not want to gain weight and want to spend the month of Ramadan healthy receive expert help. It is also very important for those who want to control their weight to be weighed at the right time. Here are all the questions about correct weighing while fasting:


Experts who talk about healthy eating during Ramadan also emphasize the importance of weighing at the right time in terms of getting an accurate result.

– People who have weight problems during the month of Ramadan should avoid weighing before iftar. Because during the fasting period, there will be excess fluid-mineral loss in the body, and weighing just before iftar can show a misleading result.

– The fact that digestion is not fully realized after sahur and excess fluid will show wrong results on the scale in the morning of sahur.

– The healthiest result in weighing in Ramadan can only be achieved 10-11 hours after sahur.

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When is the most accurate result in weighing in Ramadan?


One of the mistakes that women who want to lose weight often make in diet is weighing almost every day. The difference in the result of weighing between the day before and after may cause some question marks on the person.

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When to weigh yourself while fasting

One thing that dietitians constantly warn about is that women should be weighed during their menstrual periods. Because the menstrual period is a period that causes water retention in the body and it often misleads the individual. Therefore, women who are on a diet should be weighed 3 days after the end of the menstrual period.

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