Which exercise burns how many calories? To increase the effect of sports…

Did you know which movement burns how many calories in how many minutes? If you are confident about losing weight, you can make it easier to burn fat with conscious and correct steps. You can lose weight with exercise exercises and a healthy diet that you can apply at home. Here are the most effective sports movements that burn calories…

It is important for people who want to lose regional weight to know which movement they need to perform as well as how many calories they should burn in terms of regular weight loss. Although the amount of calories burned during sports varies from person to person depending on various factors, there are average values ​​for some exercise movements. If you want to make significant differences in various parts of your body, you can work directly on regional slimming. You can burn as much fat as you want and lose weight with exercise suggestions that will be very useful in terms of weight loss. Well, did you know how many calories are the exercise movements that you can apply at home or in the gym? Here is the calorie count according to the type of exercise…


30 minutes squat 230 calories, 20 minutes sit-ups 120 calories, 1 minute plank exercise 10 calories, 1 hour boxing training 450 calories, 30 minutes jump rope 230 calories, 1 hour walk 400 calories, 1 hour swimming 500-600 calories , 1 hour cycling 600-650 calories, 1 hour tennis 500-550 calories, 30 minutes rowing 250-300 calories, 1 hour jumping rope 600-700 calories, 1 hour aerobic exercise 350-400 calories, 1 hour jogging 900 calories, 1 hour stairs 600 calories, 1 hour cleaning 220 calories, 1 hour dance 300 calories


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Ingredients :

1 teaspoon of coffee seeds
1 cinnamon stick
1 glass of milk


Put cinnamon stick in a glass of milk and let it rest overnight. After you wake up in the morning, add coffee to the milk and bring it to a boil. Consume it in your snack.

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